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Dee Snider rips off ‘idiot’ maskless mobs using Twisted Sister’s shot

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider slammed a group of anti-masks who paraded around a Target in Florida while playing the band’s hit song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

“No… these selfish holes don’t have my permission or my blessing to use my song for their idiotic cause. #cuttheshit “, the frontman tweeted on Wednesday.

The day before, the wild scams caught on camera by the group at a store located in Ft. Lauderdale was widely reported after the footage went viral on social media.

Dee Snider rips off masked mobs for using the twisted sister song
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In one of the videos posted on YouTube, the group is seen marching around the shop to the sound of the hit song Twister Sister despite the shop’s mask requirement.

“To celebrate Burn Your Mask Day, we decided to sprinkle some dust on freedom on Target buyers and employees!” user Chris Nelson wrote in the description of “Maskless Flash Mob at Target!”

In the clip, one of the attendees begs the other shoppers to “Take That Mask Off”.

“This is the only way it will work if we all come together,” the woman said. “It’s all about choice.”

Another member intervened: “Can’t breathe better without it?”

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