Dave Birkett and Bob McManaman share thoughts and predictions on the Detroit Lions vs Arizona Cardinals, coming September 27, 2020 in Glendale, Arizona. Filmed September 22nd.

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17:50: End of the first half. Lions lead 17-13. The Cards had a final drive that started on their 21st with 26 seconds left. But Murray made a big mistake when he was called for intentional grounding with 14 seconds left because he didn’t get out of the tackle area when he knocked the ball off his 31st. After a 10 second ballot, the cards left the time. End. It felt like Trey Flowers was the key to that play because he came off a block and then cut Murray’s potential lane in the middle which forced him to throw it away.

17:42: The Lions take a 17-13 lead on Stafford’s 15-yard bullet pass to Kenny Golladay with 31 seconds left. Guys, the Lions have lost Golladay. He has 3 tricks for 26 yards. Lions started at age 25 with 1:53 left. The Lions responded to the shallow cross of the cards with their shallow cross on a pass to Jamal Agnew who went 20 yards to the Detroit 45. Stafford threw a nice short pass to Hockenson for 11 yards and first to Arizona 44. De ‘Andre Swift took a short pass which he took for 19 yards against 15 on the cards.

17:32: The Cardinals took a 13-10 lead with 1:53 left as Murray bootlegs and Juked Okudah from 1. Zane Gonzalez missed the extra point kick. The Cards started on their 26th after the Lions mortar kick-off. They entered Lions territory in three games when Hopkins took consecutive passes for 18 and 11 yards. On the third and third of the 16, Chase Edmonds made a great shallow cross and was wide open for a 15-yard gain.

17:19: The Lions take a 10-7 lead on Stafford’s 5-yard touchdown pass for Jesse James – yes, Jesse James – with 6:15 left. A couple of good runs from Peterson and a nice call from Darrell Bevell for a draw to Peterson who went for 8 yards against Arizona 6 per second and 10 a game after Peterson was stopped for no gain.

17:13: Takeaway n. 2! Jamie Collins catches Murray when faced with a short pass destined for Fitzgerald. Lions take over from Arizona 20 with 9:37 left. Didn’t anyone really smart predict that Lions would get their first takeout today?

17:08: Jesse James lives! The tight end makes his first hold of the season on a well-designed little touch pass on third and 1 that went 15 yards to the Detroit 47. The Lions have two terrible drives in a row that kill the drive: a false start on TJ Hockenson, then fired by former Lion Devon Kennard in third and 12. Fox points 54 yards on Arizona 10 with 11:18 left in the second quarter.

16:58: Arizona took the lead 7-3 with 14 seconds left in the first quarter. Danny Isabella beat Darryl Roberts in an end zone fade with a perfectly pitched ball from Murray. Roberts was also reported for interference on the red zone pass. Okudah looked bad again when he missed cover and let Isabella run free down the left sideline for a 26-yard gain over the Detroit 43. Okudah redeemed himself in the red zone when he made his first big play of his career by filling Hopkins for a 3 yard loss on a swing pass. Agnew returns the next kick-off to Detroit 23.

16:49: Three and out of the Lions which presents an incomplete pass to Kenny Golladay, a tie to Peterson who is filled for -2 yards and an incomplete pass to Amendola in third and -7. Stafford and Amendola looked out of sync this year. Stafford often seems to throw himself behind Amendola. A great punt from Jack Fox goes into touchback after a strange ruling that Tony McRae did not “win” after exiting the end zone and knocking the ball down at Arizona 2 with 4:18 left in the first quarter.

16:43: Stop the presses! The Lions get their first takeaway of the season when Kyler Murray’s move to third and 10 from 30 of Lions from half to tight end Dan Arnold is overthrown at the hands of Duron Harmon. He returns his 21 yards to the Detroit 32 with 5:28 left in the first quarter. Jeff Okudah was beaten pretty bad early in the drive on a rushed play when DeAndre Hopkins ran down the sideline for 30 yards.

16:38: Chase Edmonds returns the kick-off to Arizona 28. The cards begin their attack with 8:20 left in the first quarter.

16:36: The Lions settle for Matt Prater’s 37-yard goal after 11 play drives. Adrian Peterson looks good. At the second scrimmage game he goes wild for 27 yards. On the third and 11, a call on hold on Byron Murphy against Danny Amendola denies an interception. Lions get first down at Cards ’26. But on the third and 6 from 9, Stafford holds the ball forever and is exonerated by Jordan Phillips, forcing Prater to kick.

16:25: The Cardinals won the coin flip, so the Lions start attacking after a touchback.

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