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Did Meghan Markle deny Swedish Princess Sofia?

Swedish Princess Sophia reportedly disliked Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step away from royal duties.

Princess Sophia – who has reportedly faced similar struggles with the press as Meghan Markle – said she would never quit as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex despite the “stormy years” following her royal wedding.

When asked – in a new documentary for the Swedish TV channel – if she had ever considered doing a royal release like Meghan and Harry, Sofia responded by saying, “No. Not really.”


He went on to say, “I think I’ve found such a fantastic balance, and I really see it as a positive that we’ve been through these stormy years. It’s a huge plus, as we have the opportunity to endure a little bit in both worlds.”

Sofia continued: “Since becoming a princess, I have been through many identity crises. Here in South Africa, I have one kind of identity and when I come home I have something else. Here I am allowed to be who I want to be.”

Sharing some facts about her struggles, the former glamor model said she survived a few “stormy years” after marrying Prince Carl Philip in 2015.

The “stormy years” could have been a reference to the early years of her relationship with Prince Carl Philip, Sofia said. Ahead of the couple’s royal wedding, she received criticism after multiple media published stories and images from her time as a glamor model and reality TV star.

The Duchess of Sussex received similar criticism in the years following her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018. Meghan Markle faced criticism from both the press and anonymous sources she would work with during her stint as a television actress.

Meghan and Harry made a bombshell announcement about their resignation from the royal family in January, with their final royal engagements taking place in the spring.

The royal couple recently signed a multi-year deal to produce documentaries, screenwritten television shows and family programs for Netflix.

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