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Do you own Tesla, Apple, Beyond Meat? You better believe it, says this top performing fund house

Wall Street may be poised to return Wednesday’s stock gains at the same rate it earned them, judging by futures, as investors are also waiting to hear from a European Central Bank press conference and weekly unemployment numbers.

Investors have been up and down this year, with increased volatility promising US elections looming and COVID-19 is pending. A way to overcome it? Choose solid companies with solid returns and believe in their story. This is the message in ours call of the day by Domini, one of the few Wall Street fund firms run by women.

The Domini Impact Equity Fund
+ 2.59%

is in the top 1

% of Morningstar’s annual ranking for US Large Blend funds and 13% in a three-year ranking. Its main holdings, the tech giants Apple
+ 3.98%
+ 3.77%

and Microsoft
+ 4.25%

– thrived during the multi-year bull market and now in the midst of the pandemic. Netflix video streamer is also included
the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer
+ 0.69%
and the new electric car maker Tesla
+ 10.92%

Domini’s founder and president, Amy Domini, and CEO Carole Laible, told MarketWatch that their ethical fund wants to own companies with strong social and economic profiles and solution-oriented leaders. They are also turning into solid pandemic-era investments.

“We have a strategy that very deliberately assesses human and planetary risks to investments. That strategy is a strategy to avoid risk and in a time of enormous stress, as the coronavirus has put on our economic life, avoiding risk becomes much more important, “said Domini.

For example, the fund owns companies that help people access education, finance and healthcare: the Teladoc Health telemedicine group
+ 4.10%

or online tutoring company Chegg
+ 3.04%
Both have become benchmark companies this year in the pandemic.

The fund started in 1991 but had a strategy change in 2018, so that’s where they said performance monitoring should begin.

Investor conviction is crucial when it comes to a holding they highlight, Tesla, which has been on a wild ride lately. The managers said they reduced some holdings as the shares increased, but that it remains a key holding. “Our Tesla thesis is partly based on the ecosystem they create,” which is similar to Apple’s, said Domini.

“We see them as an ecosystem of next-generation interconnected fuel-saving devices that all work to make the individual’s life easier or cleaner. If we see a threat or a change of direction in that regard, we will probably seriously reconsider our interest. for the company, “he said.

Beyond the meat
+ 2.75%

is another solid company for Domini. They make “food that is good for our planet, but also better for people who eat it than beef or meat. This is a very compelling story for us, “Laible said. In addition to being a strong artist, Beyond Meat is at the heart of consumer demand for food right now – organic and natural, and it also caters to the needs of vegetarians.

“We believe their innovation in the process and being the key leader in the space has been really beneficial to the overall market and has been positive for us in our portfolio,” Laible said. Healthy and sustainable foods are part of their investment mantra, so the company was “a very clear choice for us,” he added.

Finally, they highlighted DexCom
+ 3.20%
who develops the technology for glucose monitoring: “When we bought it at the time, you were still required to do the finger prick … which was finally allowed to stop.

“The contention is that this remote monitoring in the hospital has been interrupted for five years, but when the pandemic hit and they are trying to reduce the nurse coming into the room with the patient to reduce contact, it suddenly became a story. today, “Laible said.


S&P 500

and Nasdaq-100
+ 0.09%

futures are moving south. European stocks

they are mixed ahead of an ECB meeting, while Asian markets have posted solid gains. The dollar

it is slipping as analysts assess whether recent gains will last.

The buzz

Initial jobless claims and ongoing claims are ahead, along with producer prices.

The ECB left key interest rates and buying programs unchanged, but the press conference with President Christine Lagarde is yet to come. Without doubt, the ECB will be hinting at the strong euro.

The Californian skies were bright orange, with wildfires raging in the Pacific Northwest.

Germany, one of Europe’s leading pork producers, has confirmed a case of deadly African swine fever.

“We had to be calm.” President Donald Trump defended comments in a book by reporter Bob Woodward that they claim to have downplayed COVID-19.

The graph

Jefferies analysts surveyed more than 5,000 consumers in 11 countries to assess changes in behavior due to COVID-19. The latest survey was carried out in April.

The news is not great for airlines:


Or restaurants:


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