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Donald Trump did 1 thing * really * well as president

* In the UK, 83% had a favorable view of the US in 2000. Now only 41% feel the same way, the lowest number ever recorded in the Pew data.

* In Germany, only 26% now view the United States favorably – up from 78% who said the same thing in 2000.

* In Canada, approval for their southern neighbors has jumped from 72% in 2000 to 35% today.

What explains the collapse? Well, especially Trump. The 13 countries’ average rating of trust in Trump to do the right thing in world affairs is only 16%. This includes a maximum of 25% in Japan and a minimum of 9% in Belgium.

Trump’s dismal assessments are closely tied to perceptions of how he led the United States during the coronavirus pandemic. Across all 1

3 countries, an average of a paltry 15% said the United States did a good job of dealing with Covid-19.

The fascinating thing about these numbers is that both Trump’s allies and detractors will grab them to prove their points.

Trump and his supporters will cite the Pew data as proof that other countries don’t like it when the US stops letting itself be exploited and stands up for itself.

“Four years ago, I ran for president because I can no longer witness this betrayal of our country,” Trump said in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last month. “I couldn’t stand and watch as career politicians let other countries take advantage of us on trade, borders, foreign policy and national defense.”

For Trump’s opponents, these numbers show how much damage he has done.

“I will be a president who will stand with our allies and friends,” Democratic candidate Joe Biden said in his acceptance speech last month. “I will make it clear to our opponents that the days of going to make friends with dictators are over.”

Here’s what it is abundantly clear: Trump represents a fundamental break with the policies and strategic approach that every postwar president, regardless of party, has chosen to follow. And his muscular isolationism has consequences.

The point: We’ve never been to this place before in the modern presidency and post-WWII world. It is yet another line that Trump has not only crossed, but has canceled.

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