A new poll may not favor President Trump's impeaching, but that does not mean that there are no worries from American voters. Justin Kircher of Veuer has the story.
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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump should have vetoed a congressional resolution on Friday that rescinds his national emergency declaration on the border with Mexico, exercising power for the first time in his presidency to save a top priority.

Trump's veto arrives the day after a dozen Senate Republicans joined all Democrats in a rebuke to the president's national emergency declaration in February to release more than $ 6 billion for his promised wall along the south-western border. [19659005IdemocraticihannoaccusatoTrumpdiaverprodottounacrisipercostruireunsostegnoalmuroosservandocheleapprensionidipersonechetentanodiattraversareillegalmentegliStatiUnitisonoaiminimistoriciIcriticirepubblicaninelfrattempohannodettodiesserepreoccupatiL'emergenzadiTrumpèuntentativodifareungirodiviteattornoalpoteredellaborsadelCongresso

But Trump said that he ran in 2016 with a promise to build a border wall (although it has repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for this). The White House said it believes that further obstacles would hinder the flow of migrants and even illicit drugs. Others have argued that most illegal drugs come through entry points.

The White House has scheduled an event for 3:30 pm EDT in the Oval Office. The White House deputy secretary Hogan Gidley said that Trump would veto the resolution at the time.

Although there was bipartisan support to block Trump's emergency, the opposition was not at the height of the two-thirds majority that would have been necessary to override the presidential veto. The Democrats have promised to bring the matter back to the House and Senate's plans within six months – which they have the right to do under the law – forcing Republicans to vote again on the issue.

President Donald Trump (Photo: SAUL LOEB, AFP / Getty Images)

The border emergency is the last flash point in a new it was divided in Washington after the Democrats claimed responsibility for the House in last year's mid-term elections. President Barack Obama issued his first veto after less than a year in office to block an expense bill that became redundant when Congress approved a provision for the whole year on the same day.

President George W. Bush did not issue a single veto during his first term. When the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007, Bush issued 142 veto threats and did 11 of them well. Obama and Bush each issued a dozen vetoes.

Trump's decision to veto it was no surprise: the White House formally threatened to do so before the resolution clarified the Assembly. Shortly after the Senate vote on Thursday, Trump published an unusually short note on Twitter.

"VETO" it was all he read.

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