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Dreams is receiving support for PlayStation VR this month

Dreams, the expansive game creation tool for PlayStation 4, is getting VR support. Media Molecule development studio made the announcement on the official PlayStation blog, saying that compatibility with PlayStation VR would come as part of a free update later this month.

There will be new tutorials that will teach you how to create VR content and the update will also bring games and experiences ready to be played immediately. There will be a lot of flexibility in the interface: VR experiences can be realized both inside and outside the PSVR headset and the PlayStation Move controllers are optional. Sculpting with Move controllers “is a very individual experience and allows you to immerse yourself completely in the creation process”

;, according to Media Molecule, which suggests a Tilt Brush-style user interface.

It should be easy enough to discover new VR experiences once the update has been available for a while. The creators will be able to specify whether their content is compatible with VR or not and also give a comfort score.

The Dreams The “Inside The Box” update will be available for free on July 22nd.

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