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Dunkin’s worker was arrested for allegedly spitting on the state soldier’s coffee

A Chicago Dunkin employee was arrested Saturday after an Illinois state agent accused him of spitting in his cafe.

The incident in a Dunkin location near Chicago Midway International Airport allegedly occurred Thursday evening when the unidentified soldier ordered a large black coffee and looked inside, according to a statement by the Illinois state police.

“Due to the extremely hot coffee, the Trooper removed the lid from the top of the coffee cup to cool it down,” state police said. “The Trooper observed a large and thick piece of mucus which was later confirmed as saliva, floating in it.”


State troops investigated and arrested Vincent J. Sessler the next day, Illinois state police said. He was in custody of the Chicago police department on Saturday, state police said.

Sessler has been cautioned on suspicion of battery to a peace officer, disorderly conduct and reckless conduct, the state department said. Saturday night it was not clear if he had a lawyer.

Illinois State Police Director Brendan F. Kelly said officials and employees were forbidden to protect Dunkin’s position “for their safety”.

“This is outrageous and disgusting,” he said in a statement. “The men and women of the Illinois state police are committed to protecting the lives and rights of all people in this state every day. They deserve better than that.”

The prosecution was part of a series of high-profile police statements across the country, which were served drinks adulterated by George Floyd’s death in prison in May, prompting national protests for police reform.

In June, a union from the New York Police Department, the Police Benevolent Association, said three officers were ill with adulterated shocks served to them in a Lower Manhattan Shake Shack. But the NYPD looked into the matter and concluded that there was “no crime” from Shake Shack’s employees.

Later in June, after a Los Angeles Police Department official claimed to have found a swab in a Frappuccino he had bought at a Target Starbucks, Target said he had reviewed the security video and found nothing. suspected.

In this case, it appears that Dunkin ‘is siding with the authorities: the company, formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts to shorten its name last year, said in a note to NBC Chicago that the franchise owner has fired Sessler .

“Dunkin” deeply appreciates the police officers who work tirelessly to protect our communities and the franchise owner directly contacted the agent to apologize for the experience, “said the company.

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