Marvel Studios shows some other details in the background of Captain Marvel.

Are you excited for "Captain Marvel"?

Well, based on the first reactions, there's a lot to enthuse about. The critics took a peek at the latest Marvel superhero film on Tuesday night, and immediately took to Twitter, with many applause for the film directed by Brie Larson. Here is an example of what they are saying about the film of origin of Carol Danvers so far.

Fandango editor-in-chief Erik Davis called the film "retro and snappy" . "

"# CaptainMarvel has a great sci-fi years-old Vibe with a tone unlike any other Marvel movie," he tweeted. "It's retro and fun, mysterious and disgusting, it's fun in amazing places."

Mike Ryan of Uproxxx said "Captain Marvel" challenged his expectations .

"The CAPTAIN MARVEL is not what I expected based on marketing. It's pretty much a cosmic "all in" space movie, "he wrote." Besides, it's a lot stranger than I expected, Ben Mendelsohn is as fantastic as Talos … and it's not as strange as GOTG movies. Think more about "Rey hurling himself in the infinite mirrors" of scenes like The Last Jedi. the MCU and a song by Nirvana come together (as Kurt Cobain wanted). "

Mashable Alison Foreman said that Larson was "born to be a superhero."

"Captain Marvel is what would happen if a hyper competitive game of Guess who had a child with the #MCU and had grown up in equal parts, the nostalgia of the years & # 90; and the boiling femininity comes down, "he said." I loved it. "[19659005] Entertainment Also Ash Crossan of Tonight has delirious .

"# CaptainMarvel is (takes a deep breath of the years & # 90; 90) TOTALLY EXCEPTIONAL," he said. "Never connected to a Marvel character similar to Carol. It is the stubborn, spiritual little girl of the 90s that I like to think I am. "

Jim Vejvoda of IGN gave the film a big thumb up

" #CaptainMarvel was a lot of fun! "he said." Just the nostalgia of the years' 90 without overdoing it, Brie Larson is fantastic, Ditto Sam Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, the cat is rancid, some nice surprises and clever decisions in everything … fantastic elements sci-fi and funny! "

People's Kara Warner rejoiced with the characters that Marvel published.

"Just out of # CaptainMarvel. So many fun surprises I did not expect + new (and old?) Characters to love," he wrote. [19659024] Just outside #CaptainMarvel So many funny surprises I did not expect + new (and old?) Characters to love.

– Kara Warner (@karawarner) 20 February 2019 [19659012] Oh, and the feline people will be impressed.

"People are fel Ina will love this film, "wrote Kayti Burt of Den of Geek, adding that" the moment of Carol's hero was very cathartic / faithful to the female experience, imho … The MCU seems more complete now that Carol is inside. "

"Captain Marvel" comes out in cinemas on March 8.


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