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Ex-N.J. Governor Chris Christie spends the 7th day in the hospital with COVID-19. Here is the latest.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was hospitalized for a seventh day on Friday while being treated for COVID-19 – and it’s been nearly a long time since he received a public update on how he’s doing.

Both Christie’s exact condition and her course of treatment remain unknown. The 58-year-old hasn’t tweeted since Saturday, the day he announced he’d been to Morristown Medical Center. And doctors, family and friends haven̵

7;t made public announcements about how the former presidential candidate is doing.

A source familiar with the situation told NJ Advance Media Wednesday that the 58-year-old was in a good mood, receiving good care, and not on a fan.

Several sources said there have been no changes as of Friday afternoon.

Christie’s successor, current Governor Phil Murphy, said Thursday he had “exchanged notes” with the former governor on Wednesday night, but “had no further information” about his condition.

“He’s a fighter, let there be no doubt,” Murphy said. “He is the Jersey fighter par excellence. We are all with him in thoughts, in prayers and we are here to do everything we can for him.”

Christie’s stay is longer than an average COVID-19 hospitalization. Five days is the average length of hospital stay for coronavirus patients outside of China, according to an analysis of 52 studies published last month in BMC Medicine.

But Adam Jarrett, chief medical officer of Teaneck’s Holy Name Medical Center, told NJ Advance Media a seven to nine day hospital stay “doesn’t surprise me at all with this disease.”

Christie announced Saturday morning that he tested positive for the coronavirus, a day after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announced they tested positive. Since then, more than a dozen aides and officials in Trump’s orbit have also tested positive. But Christie is the only one known to have been hospitalized.

Christie – who has struggled with his weight and has a long history of asthma – tweeted Saturday night that despite “feeling fine” and having only “mild symptoms,” he was hospitalized on Saturday as a precautionary measure. Due to his condition, the Mendham resident is at greater risk of developing complications from the virus.

Morristown Medical Center is not only its local hospital, but also one of the most highly regarded health facilities in the state and the country.

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In the week before his positive test, Christie spent four days helping Trump prepare for the first presidential debate, often in a room with five or six people where no one wore masks. Christie – a longtime friend and ally of Trump and fellow Republican – also attended the now infamous Rose Garden ceremony in which Trump appointed Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court.

At least 20 other people at the Rose Garden event on September 28 have tested positive since then, including Kellyanne Conway, a New Jersey native, former advisor to the president, and Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager. Masks and social distancing were largely ignored during the ceremony, which was now feared to be a major event.

Trump announced he tested positive on Thursday night and was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center in Maryland last Friday. He returned to the White House on Monday evening after three days in the hospital and released a video saying he felt better than he had been in 20 years and warning people not to let the virus “dominate your lives.”

Trump said Thursday night that he wanted to hold a public rally in Florida on Saturday. Instead, he plans to hold a meeting in the White House, addressing supporters from a balcony with just over three weeks before election day.

The United States has suffered over 211,000 coronavirus deaths since the outbreak began earlier this year. New Jersey has lost more than 16,000 residents.

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