Facebook, in a further attempt to compete with the likes of Twitch and YouTube, has added a Games tab dedicated to the navigation bar in the main app. In this way, the company hopes to help you find games and streamers to watch, if you want to play something new with your friends or recover the last export match.

Image: TechCrunch

Originally launched Fb.gg last year as a hub for everything related to games, Facebook is certainly throwing its weight into the lucrative gaming streaming market. It offered users a means to find new content to watch, the streamer to interact with and the communities in which to engage. Facebook's goal is to attract streamer and viewers with its virtual currency rollover system, from which it derives a downsizing percentage.

Reportedly, Facebook will distribute the new Game tab to users in batch, with more reception in the process of growth. It is a good idea to put the Gaming tab in the foreground and in the center, which means that people will have to see it as they pass through a different section of the app or it will attract their attention simply by its presence.