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First call: Steelers-“MNF” classification tank. O.J. Simpson defends Saquon Barkley. Terry Bradshaw’s new TV show.

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The Steelers. Also, a New York audience. This should rock the “Monday Night Football” charts to open the season!

Guess again, ESPN.

This is how we start the “First Call”

; on Thursday. We also see how O.J. Simpson is supporting Saquon Barkley. And let’s preview Terry Bradshaw’s new TV show.

Where is the remote control?

Many Steelers fans liked what they saw in “Monday Night Football”. Unfortunately, not many people were watching it.

The ratings of “Monday Night Football” have fallen sharply from last year. The Steelers’ 26-16 win over the New York Giants drew 10.8 million viewers, down 17% from 7pm last year. game for “MNF”. That 2019 contest featured the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans.

The opening week final game between the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos is down 27% (7.7 million admissions) from the end of last year’s game between the Raiders and the Denver Broncos.

The numbers are actually worse than they seem, especially when you consider a few other factors.

• The first game this year featured a team from New York City and the Steelers, a team with a huge national following.

• Due to coronavirus restrictions, 82,000 New Yorkers are excluded from MetLife Stadium. Not to mention the bars and restaurants that weren’t open to host large game viewing parties.

• So-called “away from home” viewers are now being considered for the first time in the evaluation process.

With all these factors built into the equation, it makes things look even worse from a national perspective.

In Pittsburgh, the disparity wasn’t that serious. Based on the numbers I got from multiple sources at WTAE – which had the rights to the game – the numbers were mixed.

These numbers come from Monday night in New Jersey against the “MNF” game between the Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals on September 30, 2019.

The overall household rating in 2020 fell from 29.0 to 25.9. But ratings for the “25-54 people” demographic group increased from 15.9 to 18.3. The male rating 25-54 went from 17.5 to 20.1.

No fans in the stands make the broadcast fake? Yes. I bet it contributes to the decline.

Are we out of the habit of watching sports after the coronavirus closes? Reorganized priorities? Too much programming for social justice? Cable cut? Youth disinterest in sport? Do parents pass out soon after home schooling all day?

There is probably some truth to all of this.

Terry on TV

Speaking of the Steelers on TV, Terry Bradshaw’s new reality show will premiere Thursday night at 9pm. one!”

It is called “The Bradshaw Bunch”. And that’s pretty much exactly what you expect.

Seedy Bradshaw wanders around his ranch in Oklahoma, while his three camera-friendly daughters keep you entranced by their first world problems.

They are the blond Kardashians, with horses. Presumably.

Enjoy the mental candy. And try to remember as you watch, this is the same guy.

In support of Saquon

During that Monday night game, the Steelers kept the Giants star running back to Saquon Barkley a scant six yards out of 15 carries.

The Penn State product has received some criticism for that statistic and other areas of its game on various sports platforms.

A smudge that resonated in New York came from former Giants star RB Tiki Barber.

Guess who came to charge in Barkley’s defense. Hall of Fame running and known … um … actor O.J. Simpson.

“He had no chance,” Simpson exclaimed in a Twitter video. “Me, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders. None of us could have gained meters! “

Simpson accused the Giants of failing to attack the Steelers’ defensive front with a fairly straight block of power.

“(The Giants coaches) have to give Saquon a full-back. They have to give it a good start on that line, “continued Simpson.” Double-sided blocks. Stop this fancy shit. And start hitting people. “

Well, the Steelers defense might be good enough not to matter. But, in theory, Simpson makes a decent point.

Well said, Juice. I agr … (clears throat). I agrrrrr … I’ll try again.

O.J., you are rrrrriii …

I can not say it. Go on.

Someone help him

Former New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson signed with the Carolina Panthers this offseason.

During the first game of the NFL season, he was surprised by a live microphone asking one of his teammates about “Sir Purr”, the dancing mascot of the Carolina Panthers.

“What is that bear doing?” churches.

Bear? Does Anderson plan to play in Chicago? Bear?!

Friend … GAMES FOR THE PANTHERS! The boy is wearing a black panther costume …

… it does not matter.

Conference expansion?

On Wednesday, the Associated Press was eager to announce that the Big Ten would restart a college football program in October.

So impatient that when the AP tweeted his story, they attached a photo of the state of Louisiana winning last year’s national championship trophy.

As you may know, LSU plays in the SEC.

If the Big Ten is annexing LSU, it could be a bigger deal than the conference kicking off football in the fall.

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