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Florida reports COVID-19 case reduction for the first time

The state of Florida has avoided another record in coronavirus cases confirmed daily, but has still reported over 8,000 new cases reported.

Experts say the real figure is undoubtedly higher. This is due both to incomplete tests and because it is becoming clearer for scientists that a significant number of people are infected with the virus but are not feeling sick or showing symptoms.

According to the FDOH, 8,530 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Sunday morning.

Positive cases on Sunday bring the state total of all confirmed coronavirus cases since the disease was first detected in the state from March 1

to 141,075, as well as a total of 3,419 deaths.

Since March, 14,244 people with severe virus cases have requested hospitalization. The state does not report the number of current patients in coronavirus hospitals or the number of individuals who recovered from the disease after diagnosis.

Saturday’s reported number of cases broke the record for most COVID-19 cases reported in a single day. The FDOH reported 9,585 new cases.

On Friday, the Florida Department of Health reported nearly 9,000 new cases of COVID-19.

Last Friday, state officials said they would ban alcohol consumption in bars while health officials attribute the new outbreak to young adults who flock to the factories after reopening three weeks ago.

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Here is a breakdown of coronavirus numbers by county in the Central Florida region:

county Total cases New cases deceased admissions New hospitalizations
Brevard 1,631 84 17 108 1
Flagler 293 14 5 29 0
The needle 1,192 94 22 104 1
Marion 631 33 10 66 3
Orange 9671 834 56 439 2
Osceola 1,833 184 24 190 3
Polk 3,495 313 93 457 3
Seminole 2,366 164 16 161 1
Sumter 327 8 17 48 0
Volusia 1,933 188 54 210 2

The Orange County Convention Center Antibody Test Site reached capacity a few minutes before the site opened on Saturday

According to officials, the first car in a row arrived on the spot at 12:30.

Every day this week, the lines on the test site crossed the line from the day before, officials said.

“This site can process 200 tests per hour, but the demand is so great, the wait from the end will be 6-8 hours,” officials said.

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With the number of coronaviruses on the rise and cases on the rise, Florida officials made the decision to immediately ban alcohol consumption in bars across the state – again.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which oversees alcohol licensing, made the announcement on Twitter on Friday morning. No information was provided on how long the moratorium will remain in effect.

“Non-compliance by bars and other suppliers authorized to sell alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises is suspected throughout the state to the extent that individualized execution efforts at this time are impractical and insufficient”, reads the executive orders by DBPR.

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Two employees and three guests from the Central Florida Coalition for the Homeless have tested positive for coronavirus.

According to officials, the people were isolated and all potentially exposed guests and staff were alerted and quarantined.

“The health and safety of our residents and staff is always our top priority. Over the past few months, we have played a crucial role in caring for one of the most vulnerable populations in our community at a difficult and unprecedented time and we take this responsibility seriously, “Allison Krall, Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida President / CEO ha He said.

To help fight the virus, officials have introduced new security measures to protect guests and employees.

“This includes creating isolation areas for guests who test positive or have had an exposure accident, which require masks to wear on campus, temperature screening and health questionnaires, social distance, visitor limitation, housekeeping and sanitation more frequent sanitary and encouragement of hand washing, among other measures, “officials said. We will continue to work closely with the health department, following their recommendations and best practices for the health and safety of our residents and staff. “

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