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Fortnite fans are calling for a change to the X-4 Stormwing plane

While a new biome and three new points of interest were added to Fortnite during the V7.00 update, the most discussed addition could be the new vehicle of the game, the X-4 Stormwing.

Released as part of the huge update of Season 7, the X-4 Stormwing is a biplane that players can use to fly on the map, with space for a drive and two passengers who can sit on the # 39; wing.

The X-4 can be used to rotate around the map, since it is the speed and the ability to gain height, provided you can find one, no position on the island is off limits, offering you many options as you try to find the perfect spot to try out and make sure you have a Victory Royale.

The Stormwing also allows the pilot to shoot projectiles, which means that players can shoot down enemy structures, take aim against ground players or even take part in air combat in mid-air against other X- 4 pilots.

However, some fights of Fortnite want to see the Eiic Games change planes, since Anguilla in their current state, there is no punishment for crashing into the planes because of bad driving.

At present, if a pilot flies the plane directly into the ground, the plane does not explode, and the players do not suffer any damage, which means that there is no incentive to make sure to land the aircraft. ; X-4 on the ground.

The neophyte pro player Nicholas & # 39; Zoof & # 39; Zufan is asking for this to change, saying he thinks "there must be some risk when using one to rotate."

If you're on an airplane and it breaks, you should take some damage. r / FortniteCompetitive

Some have suggested that there should be an explosion when the plane is destroyed, inflicting 50 damage to anyone on board, while others have suggested that there should be no redistribution when the aircraft is destroyed. aircraft is destroyed, which means that people fall to their death.

Do you think X-4 Storming needs these changes? Let us know!

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