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From the Pac-12 players

To ensure that future generations of college athletes are treated fairly, #WeAreUnited.

Because NCAA sports exploit college athletes physically, economically and academically, and they also disproportionately harm black college athletes, #WeAreUnited.

In rejecting the NCAA claim that #BlackLivesMatter systematically exploits black athletes nationwide, #WeAreUnited.

Because we are asked to practice university sports in a pandemic in a system without applying health and safety standards and without transparency on COVID cases in our teams, the risks for ourselves, our families and our communities, #WeAreUnited.

Because we must have adequate COVID tests to protect our health, #WeAreUnited.

Since we are prohibited from providing representation when we are asked to sign documents that can serve as disclaimers, #WeAreUnited.

Why we shouldn̵

7;t be stuck with sports related medical expenses, including expenses related to COVID-19, #WeAreUnited.

Since any player who is not comfortable playing this season should be free to give up without losing their scholarship or any suitability, #WeAreUnited.

Because immoral rules would punish us for receiving basic needs or compensation for the use of our names, images and similarities, while many of us and our families suffer economically from the fallout COVID-19, #WeAreUnited.

Why we should be included in the fair sharing of the revenue generated by our talents, especially in a pandemic, #WeAreUnited.

Because unfair rules prevent 98% of college football and basketball players who won’t turn pro from capitalizing economically on what would otherwise be the most precious years of our lives, including many black players from low-income houses, #WeAreUnited.

Since it is necessary to give priority to the elimination of sumptuous salaries and the expenses of the structures to preserve all sports, #WeAreUnited.

Because the NCAA has let us down and we are ready to ensure that our conference treats us fairly regardless of whether or not your membership in the NCAA continues, #WeAreUnited.

In forming alliances with university athletes from other conferences to join us for change, #WeAreUnited.

#WeAreUnited in our commitment to ensuring fair treatment for college athletes. Due to COVID-19 and other serious concerns, we will choose not to participate in the Pac-12 fall camp and participate in the game, unless our requests are guaranteed in writing by our conference to protect and benefit both athletes. of scholarships that walk-ons.

To protect and benefit both the scholarship and walkable athletes

I. Protections for health and safety

COVID-19 protections

  1. Allow the option not to play during the pandemic without losing eligibility for athletics or joining our team’s roster.
  2. Prohibit / cancel COVID-19 agreements that revoke liability.

Mandatory safety standards, including COVID-19 measures

  1. Player-approved health and safety standards applied by a third party selected by players to deal with COVID-19, as well as serious injury, abuse and death.

II. Protect all sports

Preserve all existing sports by eliminating excessive expenses

  1. Larry Scott, directors and coaches to voluntarily and drastically reduce excessive wages.
  2. End of academic services / bonuses.
  3. Put an end to the sumptuous expenses of the facilities and use some endowment funds to preserve all sports. *

* For example, Stanford University should restore all suspended sports by leveraging their $ 27.7 billion endowment.

III. End racial injustice in sports and college society

  1. Form a permanent civic engagement task force composed of our leaders, experts of our choice and university and conference administrators to address important issues such as racial injustice in college sports and society.
  2. In partnership with Pac-12, 2% of the conference’s revenue would be directed by players to support financial aid for low-income black students, community initiatives and development programs for college athletes on each campus.
  3. Form the annual summit for athletes of the Black College Pac-12 with guaranteed representation of at least three athletes of our choice from each school.

IV. Economic freedom and equity

Medical expenses coverage guaranteed

  1. Medical insurance selected by players for sports-related medical conditions, including COVID-19 disease, to cover six years after the end of college eligibility.

Name, image and rights and representation of verisimilitude

  1. The freedom to guarantee representation, receive basic needs from any third party and earn money for the use of our name, image and similarity rights.

Pay, fair market rights and freedoms

  1. Evenly distribute 50% of the total conference revenue of each sport among the athletes in their respective sports.
  2. Six-year scholarships to encourage the completion of university studies and qualifications.
  3. Elimination of all policies and practices that limit or discourage our freedom of speech, our ability to participate fully in charity work and our freedom to participate in campus activities outside of mandatory athletic participation.
  4. Ability of players of all sports to move once without punishment and, moreover, in case of abuse or gross negligence.
  5. Ability to complete eligibility after participating in a professional draft if the player becomes untapped and renounces professional participation within seven days of the draft.
  6. Rights due

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