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FSU 31, n. 5 North Carolina 21; Fourth quarter


1; State of Florida hosts n. 5 North Carolina Saturday at 7:49 pm from Doak S. Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee, Florida. The match between the Seminoles (1-3, 0-3 ACC) and the Tar Heels (3-0, 3-0 ACC) will be broadcast nationally on ABC. For more information on how to watch, stream or listen, click Here.

Saturday marks the FSU’s third home game of the season. I’m 1-1 with a defeat Georgia Tech and a victory over Jacksonville state in Tallahassee. Tar Heels are on their way for the second time this season, having won a Boston College to open October.

Marks the second consecutive week that the Seminoles play a team in the Top 5. Last week, when the FSU lost to Notre Dame, Fighting Irish were ranked fifth in the nation. This week, the Tar Heels are claiming that spot. It is only the second time in the history of the program that the FSU will face an opponent in the top 5 in consecutive weeks. The only other time FSU played against the top 5 opponents in consecutive weeks was in 1980, when the Seminoles played No. 3 Nebraska on 4 October and then hosted the n. 4 Pitt on 11 October. Furthermore, in 1991 the FSU hosted the n. 2 You love me November 16 and then after an open date played at no. 5 Florida on November 30th.

FSU leads the all-time series against Tar Heels, 15-3-1, but lost two directly to them, with both matches taking place in Tallahassee (2010, 2016). FSU is 7-2-1 in Tallahassee against North Carolina.

The Seminoles are hosting North Carolina for the third consecutive time in the series. FSU is only the seventh team in ACC history to play three consecutive home games against a conference opponent. The first since Clemson hosted Wake Forest every year from 1983 to 1985.

Mark the coach of the FSU Mike NorvellThe first match against North Carolina. Head coach of North Carolina Mack Brown, who is enjoying his second round of service at Chapel Hill, is looking for his first ever win against the Seminoles. Brown is 0-9 all-time against his alma mater, including 0-6 in North Carolina against the Seminoles.

Fourth quarter

15:00 – FSU has the ball to start the last quarter. They lead for 10, 31-21.

Third quarter

0:01 – North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell connects with the wide receiver Beau Corrales for a 33-yard landing pass. He capped off another quick shot from the Tar Heels as they went 84 yards out of five plays in 2:14. Conversion to two points failed.

2:20 – FSU takes him away after a 3-and-out.

4:07 – North Carolina hits fast as a quarterback Sam Howell hits the running back Javonte Williams for a landing pass of 38 yards. Concludes a 4-game 49-yard drive that takes 1:20 off the clock. Howell then hits the tight end Garrett Walston for a 2-point conversion. The Tar Heels close the gap at 31-15.

7:10 – The FSU forces its second turnover to the low of the evening as North Carolina cannot convert into the red zone.

12:02 – Kicker Ryan Fitzgerald misses a field goal attempt from 33 yards. He ruined a guide that included a 54-yard run to run back La’Damian Webb.


Lead FSU No. 5 North Carolina, 31-7, in the middle.

The Seminoles dominated the first half. They did this with big plays, hitting four in the air for a total of 166 yards and another five on the ground for 75 yards. This is 86% of FSU’s first half production.

Quarterback Jordan Travis He is 6 for 13, but has 182 passing yards and a passing touchdown. He’s also the FSU’s main rusher with nine carries for 68 yards and a couple of touchdowns (23, 1).

Travis made multiple important passes. He connected with Keyshawn Helton twice for 43 yards, including a 39 yard reception. Ontaria Wilson (58 yards), Preston Daniel (36 yards), Warren Thompson (33 yards) e Camren McDonald (12-yard touchdown) each had a reception.

North Carolina put 241 yards in the opening half, including a rushed 150 yards. Despite this success, the FSU defense responded multiple times, including a great fourth place down. The Seminoles also blocked a couple of bets, one of which resulted in the match’s first touchdown in the next play.

Tar Heels quarterback Sam Howell is 9 for 15 for 91 yards of passing and an interception. The interception was recorded by the defensive side FSU Joshua Kaindoh which stood between Howell and his intended catcher, snatching the ball out of the air with pitch and returning it at 25 yards for a touchdown.

18,016 are the official attendances.

Second quarter

0:17 – FSU responds immediately. Quarterback Jordan Travis performs the 1 minute drill with precision and big decisions. A perfect 33-yard pass to the wide receiver Warren Thompson sets up a 12-yard touchdown pass to the narrow end Camren McDonald. FSU goes to 75 yards in five plays and only 45 seconds to take a 31-7 lead just before the half.

1:02 – North Carolina hits the board when it comes back Javonte Williams scores from a courtyard. He capped off an 8-play, 75 yards that took 1:44.

1:16 – Defensive tackle Cory Durden was named for targeting on the North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell. He was disqualified from the game for the jab, which got back up after the review.

2:46 – Defensive end Joshua Kaindoh gets between the North Carolina quarterback Sam Howell and his intended receiver and makes an interception with a pass that goes back to 25 yards for a touchdown. FSU leads 24-0.

3:29 – FSU completes a 9-game 75-yard drive that takes 3:38 with a 1-yard touchdown managed by the quarterback Jordan Travis. The key play was a 39-yard completion from Travis to wide receiver Keyshawn Helton.

7:07 – North Carolina tries 4th and 1st, but is stopped by a pack of Seminoles led by linebackers Amari Gainer is Emmett Rice.

12:59 – FSU has to settle for a 24-yard field goal kicker Ryan Fitzgerald, to take a 10-0 lead. The Seminoles completed an 8-play, 91 yards which required 2:57.

14:50 – After a false start for tight end Camren McDonald, FSU’s first offensive shot in the second quarter is a 58-yard pass from the quarterback Jordan Travis to the wide receiver Ontaria Wilson. It was a welcome that spanned Wilson’s entire career.

First quarter

0:00 – FSU ends the opening quarter with a 36-yard pop pass from the quarterback Jordan Travis at the end Preston Daniel. It was Daniel’s first career reception. The FSU finished the fourth with 69 offensive yards, but above all a 7-0 lead.

0:56 – FSU forces a punt and will start with a very long field. They stopped North Carolina’s drive during the defensive tackle Cory Durden and linebacker DJ Lundy combined for a lot of North Carolina quarterbacks Sam Howell. It was an eight-yard loss on the third down.

5:32 – FSU can’t do anything with punt locked. The Seminoles go 3-and-out and have to send him away.

7:06 – UNC has yet to bet. It is blocked again. This time a defensive confrontation Marvin Wilson he got his hands on it. FSU will start at the 29-yd-line.

10:23 – FSU must punt after going 3-and-out.

11:25 – North Carolina’s second possession ends with a punt after a 3-and-out.

12:40 – FSU immediately transforms its short field position into a 23-yard touchdown managed by a quarterback Jordan Travis at the first offensive shot of the game. The Seminoles have a 7-0 lead. Highlight Here.

12:47 – FSU forces a punt. He is blocked by running back Jak’hi Douglas and returned 18 yards at the 23-yard line from the linebacker DeCalon Brooks.

15:00 – FSU kicks off for North Carolina

Starting line-ups planned

Here are the starting formations announced. They will be updated at kick-off:

Defence: DE Joshua Kaindoh, DT Marvin Wilson, DT Robert Cooper, DE Janarius Robinson, LB Emmett Rice, LB Stephen Dix Jr., DB Jarvis Brownlee, CB Akeem Dent, S Renardo Green, S Jaiden Lars-Woodbey, CB Asante Samuel Jr.

Notes: It is the first career start for Dix Jr. and Brownlee.

Offense: QB Jordan Travis, RB La’Damian Webb, RB Jashaun Corbin, WR Ontaria Wilson, WR Warren Thompson, YOU Camren McDonald, LT Devontay Love-Taylor, LG Dontae Lucas, C Maurice Smith, RG Baveon Johnson, RT Robert Scott Jr.

Specialists: K Ryan Fitzgerald, P. Alex Mastromanno, LS Garrett Murray, LS Grant Glennon, H. Tommy Martin

Other pre-game notes

– The game will start at 19:49 This is an updated time.

– Undressed ones include: WR Tamorrion Terry, TE Jordan Wilson, OL Zane Herring, DL TJ Davis, DL Jarrett Jackson, DT Fabien Lovett, DT Tru Thompson, CB Jarrian Jones, DB Carlos Becker, DB Demorie Tate, S Hamsah Nasirildeen (all have been identified)

– The offensive line of the first team, from left to right, should be Devontay Love-Taylor, Dontae Lucas, Maurice Smith, Baveon Johnson is Robert Scott Jr.

– Linebacker Stephen Dix Jr. it looks like it’s about to start over Leonard Warner to the central defender.

– Defensive tackle Dennis Briggs he is dressed and warming up. He had given up earlier this season but now seems to be back on the team.

– Defensive tackle Tru Thompson it’s not warming up. It shouldn’t be available in the evening.

– Defensive Travis Jay, who has missed the last two games, is dressed and warming up.

– Defensive Jarrian Jones was not seen during warm up.

– Security Hamsah Nasirildeen he’s not dressed for tonight’s game.

– A change of the flip chart on the depth chart is the wide receiver Jordan Young replaced Tamorrion Terry on the depth chart and is in a situation with Warren Thompson is Kentron Poitier.

– Speaking of Terry, he was on the sidelines before the game using crutches to get around.

– Before the pre-match warm-up, the expectation is that FSU will follow the same offensive line they have opted for Notre Dame. Offensive tackle Darius Washington is hampered by an injury. Washington is dressed and available in the evening.

– The chief referee is Duane Heydt.

– FSU wears its traditional Garnet and Gold uniforms.

– NFL teams represented in the evening include the Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers is Jacksonville Jaguars. Reese’s Senior Bowl is also featured.

Pre-match notes

– Quarterback Jordan Travis, who was slammed against Notre Dame last week, says he’s okay and 100%.

– Quarterback mate Chubba Purdy it should be available today. If he takes the field it will mark his debut with the Seminoles.

– FSU will be without starting the wide receiver Tamorrion Terry, who underwent a knee procedure this week, which was successful. Now the question is, who will stand up for FSU with Terry sidelined?

– Whether defensive remains to be seen Hamsah Nasirildeen will make his debut today or if fellow defensive players return Travis Jay can return from injury. Also, another player we’ll be looking at to see if he’s available pre-match is an offensive tackle Darius Washington, which he lost last week due to injury. The FSU depth chart from Monday for today’s match can be found here.

– Another storyline to look out for in the pre-match is whether the FSU makes any defensive moves to shake things up and try to produce better results, as they have been terrible on that side of the ball in the first four games of the season .

– FSU’s Uplifting Athletes chapter has a Touchdown Drive scheduled today. For more details on this, click here.

Noles247.com will provide updates in the comment section of the article during gameplay. Updates will include personal notes, injury news, play-by-play, stats, and more.

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