Are you tired of looking at your boring old wallpaper? Google recently released 3 new wallpaper collections on Chrome OS’s Canary channel, and in my opinion: they’re gorgeous. You can download them right away, even if you don’t own a Chromebook.

I see. Having a plain, solid background is important to keep you less distracted from your work in a business setting. But with your device, customization is the key to making your computer cool and exciting.


Do you want something relaxing? This wallpaper collection features a similar color palette that is gorgeous and easy to look at. Matthew Hollister did a great job keeping the atmosphere serene and harmonious by creating a nice balance of color and contrast.

Made by Canvas

Do you feel contemporary? These works of art were drawn on Chrome Canvas, a popular drawing app from Google. I love how animated and alive these illustrations are, especially the mid-century feel and pop color to emphasize the contemporary look. Russ Gray and Hedof have both done a great job with this collection.


Do you enjoy 3-D abstract art as much as I do? Abstract designs like this collection create a unique composition using shapes, forms and gestural signs. I love how Rutger Paulusse takes advantage of translucency, lighting and shades to create a unique design metaphor. Some of these wallpapers have a dark variant, suggesting that Chrome OS̵

7;s Dark Mode may be just around the corner.


Chrome OS Canary users can get Collage, Made by Canvas, and Element now in the wallpaper picker, but you need to enable chrome: // flags / # use-wallpaper-staging-url for them to show up. If you’re not on Chrome OS Canary or don’t own a Chromebook, don’t worry – I’ve got you covered.

You can download these uncompressed wallpapers with a resolution of 3000×1999 by clicking the source link at the bottom of the page. Adding new wallpapers may not seem meaningful on the surface, but it shows that Google cares about giving users a quality experience.