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Google Pixel 5G loses the teaser, suggesting two models

2020 was a strange year for Google Pixel’s alignment and, as we learned more, things just felt more complicated. Today, an image of the leaked teaser is giving us a little more context on Google’s plans, as this “Pixel 5G” teaser suggests two phones that pack connectivity.

Ishan Argawal shared the image under which he teases that there are two Google Pixel smartphones equipped with 5G connectivity. There isn’t much to see here, but we can draw some conclusions based on previous losses and common sense.

First, we know that we are not looking at a Pixel 4a in this image because that device has a green power button and the underside of these devices does. So what are we looking at? I bet that Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Looking at the clear difference in texture ̵

1; let’s assume Pixel 5 will use the same matte as Pixel 4 – we can probably assume that the 4a 5G is the largest device here (right) with the Pixel 5 being the smallest (on the left).

This also makes sense, given that 5G devices at the cheap end of the spectrum are typically on the larger side because it’s a little easier to build that stand into a larger case.

Considering that detailed specification leaks have confirmed that Pixel 4a will be a rather small device, a larger Pixel 4a 5G might be a good option for many people who would have preferred an XL model.

There is another interesting bite to note here, the size of the cameras. It’s a little tricky to say, but both camera modules are roughly the same size. This would be in line with some results of an app teardown earlier this year that suggested that a Pixel 4a would come with two cameras, something that we know the 4th obviously doesn’t have.

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