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Google’s $ 130 Nest Thermostat features an all-new touch-based design

When it realizes that there is no one around, the new thermostat will automatically enter Eco mode and keep your home at a temperature you specify that requires less energy. So on a cold day, your home can cool down to 50 degrees (Fahrenheit) if no one is around and only start warming up after you return. Existing Nest thermostats already have this feature, but the new product is the first to use Sun detection to see if people are home.

With the new thermostat, Google also introduces a redesigned controller display to make it easier to set the temperature. This is also the first time you can control a Nest thermostat via the Home app, and enable new tools like customizable schedules. Compared to the Learning Thermostat, which currently only offers automatic programs, the new Quick Schedule feature allows you to set temperature profiles according to your preferences.

Maybe you would like Friday night to be cooler because that̵

7;s your baking day and your oven heats your whole house – you can preset that. You can also override schedules so your home can stay warm late into the night if you’re fueling a very tight deadline past bedtime. You can also use the keep warm function to keep your home on the most comfortable setting.

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Home app integration also brings Assistant and Alexa capabilities with it, so you can tell your smart speaker or display to change the temperature. With the new Home app and assistant integration, the Nest thermostat is easier to control from the sofa or on your way home.

What is often less easy to do is to install the thermostat in the first place. Nest has made its previous products relatively simple to install by offering compatibility widgets on its site and helpful instructions in the box. With the new thermostat, you can also refer to the Home app for a colorful, animated guide that looks like a tutorial on how to defuse a bomb. According to Google, you should be able to install it “in 30 minutes or less” and “it works in most homes”.

With its latest product, Nest will monitor your HVAC system to alert you if anything appears to be off (via the Home app or email). They will offer to put you in touch with a qualified technician in your area with preferential prices or through the Google partner Handy. You’ll have to pay for the technician to fix your problem, but Google says the vendors they connect you with offer money-back guarantees, so if there’s no problem you may not be charged. Older Nest thermostats will also be able to access this feature by the end of the month.

Nest Thermostat 2020


One of the main reasons people want a smart thermostat is that it helps monitor and reduce their energy consumption. The new Nest thermostat has a feature called Savings Finder to look for ways to cut down on spending and will suggest ways how to adjust Eco mode or sleep temperatures. You can choose to accept these recommendations in the Home app. Google said this feature works year round to look for ways to save energy, so you can let your home heating system work less hard if, for example, we’re experiencing a warm winter.

Finally, because the new Nest thermostat is Energy Star certified like its predecessors, you may be eligible for discounts in your state and other offers. You can check your eligibility through the Google Store when purchasing your device, and depending on the service provider in your area, you may be able to apply the discount at checkout. You can also purchase a color-coordinated trim kit for $ 15 if you need to cover up any scratches or scuffs you made during installation.

For those who still prefer the rotating wheel of the existing Learning Thermostat, it is still possible to purchase it – the new Thermostat will be retailed together. The 2017 $ 169 Thermostat E will become exclusive to Pro installers. If you already want a new Nest thermostat, you can pre-order it starting today and it will ship in the coming weeks.

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