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Goold: User’s Guide to relaunching Major League Baseball for 2020 | Cardinals of St. Louis

The huge amount of people tested – up to 1,800 players in the coming weeks – will mathematically reveal new positive tests. As a veteran player said as he prepared for his hiring projection: “We would be naive to think that no one will get it, or we don’t already have it and that we’re going to find out. That’s how we handle the situation.”

Players will check their temperature at least twice a day and a reading of 100.4 or higher means self-isolation. They will be tested for the virus on alternate days and will have antibody tests redone about once a month. Many ballpark staff members will go through a health questionnaire before being admitted to the facilities, and this includes whether they have had symptoms such as difficulty breathing, fatigue, coughing or “COVID fingers”

;, itchy and painful lesions somewhat similar to bite frost. A positive test involves team officials to isolate the person, track his steps and the people he has had contact with, and take precautions from the test to additional cleaning. A positive player must have two negative tests and no symptoms to return to the game.

There is a list of COVID-19 injuries for players who have symptoms, tested positive, or have a family member who has. Unlike other injured lists, it doesn’t have a minimum time frame for a player.

Training camps

Seasonally anachronistic “spring training” will consist of 21 days and three phases: training for small groups on a staggered schedule, larger groups and possibly full team training, and finally exhibition games, if desired. Teams can have a maximum of three games against an opponent. The Cardinals have sported their veteran players and are working hard to have scrimmages, not games against another team. In spring training games, the substitution rules will be loosened so that pitchers can return and innings can be closed before a third out.

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