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Have you pre-ordered a Pixel 5?

Google officially announced the Pixel 5 just last week. The phone was leaking so much, we knew that basically everything about it before it was revealed, excluding some curiosities such as how wireless charging works. The pricing was a little hazy too, but it turned out to vary by market, with not all areas getting the more expensive 5G mmWave version of the phone, and sadly, the US is stuck with the $ 699 model. .

7;m sure you’ve taken the time to mull it over and pixels are among the most popular phones among Android Police readers. So have you pre-ordered a Pixel 5?

Even among our Pixel-loving audience, I think this latest entry in the series is a bit controversial, especially against the new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which packs much better specs for the same price. Of course, Pixel ownership isn’t just about Google’s hardware and software it’s real and legitimate added value, unlike most of the manufacturer’s customizations. The Pixel camera also remains one of the best you can get.

This is my job, and since pixels are among the most important phones to discuss for our readers, I didn’t even have a choice: had to pre-order one. But with the Pixel 4a offering such a great experience for hundreds less and the S20 FE competing for the same price, I’m curious how many of our readers have chosen the Pixel 5.

Have you pre-ordered a Pixel 5?

  • No, I’m not interested. (32%, 282 Ratings)
  • Yup. (30%, 263 Ratings)
  • Maybe later when it will be discounted. (19%, 162 Ratings)
  • I’m on the fence or waiting for reviews. (11%, 94 Ratings)
  • I would do this if Google sold it in my market. (8%, 74 Ratings)

Total voters: 875

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