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Hawaii health officials report 1 new death from COVID-19 on Oahu and 98 new cases statewide

Hawaii Department of Health officials today reported one new coronavirus-related death on Oahu and 98 new infections statewide, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to 132 deaths and 12,116 cases.

Further details on the latest death were not immediately available.

The Hawaii Department of Health has yet to officially count about a dozen of the latest deaths at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home in Hilo, which was the home of a major COVID-19 cluster. The Hilo Medical Center reported that 26 of the 28 Big Island coronavirus-related deaths were residents of the nursing home. But the state only verified the coronavirus as a factor in 15 deaths from that island.

Hawaii government hospital administrators are taking over the management of the state veteran nursing home from Utah-based private operator Avalon Health Care.

New cases of infection in Hawaii today included 91

on Oahu and seven on the island of Hawaii.

The state’s official death toll to date includes 107 on Oahu, 15 on the island of Hawaii and nine on Maui, while one was a Kauai resident who died on the mainland.

The death toll in the United States is nearly 205,000 today.

Today’s total coronavirus cases per county since the outbreak began are 10,939 in Oahu, 700 in Hawaii County, 388 in Maui County, and 59 in Kauai County. There are also 30 Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state.

To date, 1,829 infections are considered to be active cases statewide, with a total of 10,155 patients now classified by health officials as “released from isolation,” or 84 percent of those infected. The category counts infected people who met the criteria to be released from isolation. Officials reported 29 new releases today.

On Saturday, health officials significantly reduced the number of active infections, stating, “The Department of Health focused on redesigning procedures to maximize the effectiveness of COVID-19 case investigations and contact traceability, including being more and improve timeliness of data entry and validation. Completeness of isolation release data has been at the heart of recent efforts, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of COVID-19 cases currently reported as released from isolation , from 5,397 to 10126 “.

Per county, Honolulu saw 9,160 patients released from isolation, Hawaii County had 584 releases, Maui saw 355 patients released. Kauai has two active infections.

Of all confirmed cases in Hawaii, 816 required hospitalizations, with 14 new hospitalizations – 11 in Oahu and three in Maui – reported today, health officials said.

Two statewide admissions are Hawaii residents who have been diagnosed and treated outside of the state. Of the 800 hospitalizations in the state, 707 have been to Oahu, 52 to Maui, 40 to Hawaii and one to Kauai.

Lt. Governor Josh Green said today that there are 148 COVID-19 patients in hospitals in Hawaii, which he says is one of the lowest coronavirus hospitalizations in the state in the past two months. On Saturday, state officials said, there were 48 COVID-19 patients in intensive care units and 31 on ventilators in hospitals in Hawaii.

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Officials counted 1,908 new tests in today’s tally, with today’s 98 positive results representing 5.1 percent of the total tested, according to Green.

Of the 293,562 coronavirus tests conducted by state and clinical laboratories in Hawaii so far since the outbreak began, a total of 4.1% have tested positive.

Oahu’s average seven-day case count must remain below 100 and its positivity rate must be below 5% for 14 consecutive days to advance to the next level of economic openness. To date, Hawaii has four consecutive days with both benchmarks.

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