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Hawaii officials report 2 coronavirus-related deaths on Oahu and 114 new infections statewide

Hawaii Department of Health officials today reported two more coronavirus-related deaths on Oahu and 114 new infections across the state, bringing the state’s total since the start of the pandemic to 99 deaths and 10,700 COVID-19 cases.

Further information on the latest deaths was not immediately provided.

A total of 86 deaths occurred on Oahu, nine on Maui, three on Big Island, while one was a Kauai resident who died on the mainland, according to state health officials.

State health officials have yet to count the latest reported coronavirus-related deaths on the island of Hawaii at the Yukio Okutsu State Veterans Home, where 10 residents have died following an outbreak there. Health officials told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser that Hilo̵

7;s deaths are pending verification. Meanwhile, the Hawaii County Civil Protection Agency has reported 11 coronavirus-related deaths on the Big Island to date, all but one linked to the veterans’ home.

The death toll in the United States was over 194,000 today.

New Hawaii cases today included 96 cases on Oahu, 16 on the Big Island and two in Maui County. As a result of the updated information, one Oahu case and one Big Island case have been removed from the count.

To date, 7,036 infections are considered to be active cases statewide, with a total of 3,565 patients now classified by health officials as “released from isolation,” or about 33% of those infected. The category counts infected people who met the criteria to be released from isolation. Officials reported 147 new release cases today.

Today’s total coronavirus cases per county since the outbreak began are 9,654 in Oahu, 587 in Hawaii County, 375 in Maui County, and 58 in Kauai County. There are also 26 Hawaii residents diagnosed outside the state.

Hawaii’s string of triple-digit hikes in new daily COVID-19 cases in August prompted the state, city and federal government to collaborate on a free peak testing program in Oahu to administer tests to 90,000 people over a span of about three weeks. Go to doIneedacovid19test.com for more information.

Officials counted 4,132 new tests in today’s tally, with today’s 114 positive cases representing 2.8% of the total tested. Of the 259,531 coronavirus tests conducted by state and clinical laboratories in Hawaii so far since the outbreak began, a total of 4.1% have tested positive. Of the 36,116 peak coronavirus tests so far, less than 1% have tested positive.

Lt. Governor Josh Green, who tested positive for coronavirus, said Saturday that there are now 225 confirmed or suspected COVID-19 patients in hospitals in Hawaii, including 53 in intensive care units and 31 on ventilators. He said 158, or 65%, of the state’s 244 ICU beds and 83, or 18%, of Hawaii’s 459 ventilators are in use, by both coronavirus and non-viral patients.

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Of all confirmed cases in Hawaii, 635 required hospitalizations, with a new hospitalization in Oahu reported today, health officials said.

Two statewide admissions are Hawaii residents who have been diagnosed and treated outside of the state. Of the 636 hospitalizations in the state, 562 were in Oahu, 47 in Maui, 24 in Hawaii, and one in Kauai.

Per county, Honolulu saw 2,969 patients released from isolation, Hawaii County had 306 releases, Maui saw 233 patients released. Kauai has no active cases to date, according to the Department of Health.

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