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“He is still in love with her today” – Daniel Cormier Comments on Dustin Poirier’s journey

Dustin Poirier is currently seeing his name making the rounds as part of the UFC Fight of the Year conversation. His war at the UFC against ESPN 12 against Dan Hooker offered a nice party for the fighting fans to devour. As a result of his victory, he is in a scream to be a contender for the light championship. However, this was the last thing he has in mind since even in the ambulance, he said he needs to see his wife. Now, Daniel Cormier, who hails from the same city as “The Diamond”, has opened the journey and devotion of Lightweight to his wife Jolie.

Daniel Cormier is happy to see Dustin Poirier doing well

Dustin Poirier

In the “DC and Helwani” show, the top heavyweight contender said: “Different times … he’s 10 years younger than me. He was on the same side of town. I think he and his wife went to Acadian middle school. At the time there were 2 schools. Northside High School and NP Moss at the era and Acadian Middle School. I went to NP Moss, went to Acadian, but we all went to the same area, to the same high school. “

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At this point, the Cormier sheds light on Dustin Poirier’s love life. He says, “They are fantastic people. He and Jolie. Jolie is a nice woman. I am just happy that they are doing as well as them. Especially of origin. He is a tough man.”

Additionally, he comments “The Diamond” not forgetting his wife despite the heights he has climbed in a 9-year UFC career. This is shown in the documentary film Fight Ville, in which “The Diamond” is one of three amateur fighters whose journey is traced.

“And he is still in love with her as he was then. You look at him on Fight Ville and you can say that he has just been hit by this girl and even today as a star he is, he is so deeply in love with her”.

“The Diamond” is the eighth on the all-time list for most UFC wins. In addition, he is a former UFC interim lightweight champion and will soon seek to claim the belt.

Dustin Poirier was named inaugural recipient of the “Diamond-Hearted” community service award

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