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Here are my 26 futures bets on the 2018 college football season

While I will have my weekly game forecasts for every weekend of college football season, there is still time to discuss pre-season bets or betting on the season as a whole. All the odds available through sports betting on our partner OddsShark.

Today, I want to discuss some bets on futures and betting, which can include if a team will play the Playoff, will meet its total victory above / below, and more, depending on sports bets.

When I bet on futures, I try to avoid futures on betting that are related, because too much can be tied in a single result – for example, try to avoid betting on a team to win the Big Ten and on a & # 39 other team not to win the Big Ten, since you could also bet only on the friendliest of these two bets.

I also think about bets that I could cover the limit. Many of these bets are hedging setups. You may have heard the term "protect your bets", and here, implies subsequent bets against your original bet, preferably at more favorable odds in order to block a profit or reduce your risk exposure.

And I like to bet on plus odds (underdogs) whenever possible, so that a large amount of my bankroll is not tied up and not available for betting during the season.

Reminder: Negative probabilities (-1

50, for example) mean that you risk that value in dollars to get $ 100. The probabilities Plus (+170, for example) show the amount you can net to risk $ 100.

  • USC to win the Pac-12 (+485): I've heard great things about JT Daniels in the USC field. The real freshman QB is a special player, and I think this line is inflated due to the loss of Sam Darnold. If USC arrives at the Pac-12 final, this could also be a hedge opportunity to bet against the Trojans in that game.
  • NC State and Georgia Tech win the ACC (+6000 each): This is nothing but a hedge opportunity. Design these teams for the second or third place in their divisions. So, why bet? Well, the odds gap for FSU and NC State and between Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech is too big. NC State is attracting Virginia and North Carolina as Coastal Division opponents, probably an easier cross combination than Clemson or FSU.
  • Clemson to do the Playoff (-130): Clemson is -170- ish to win the ACC, but actually has a lower price to make the playoff if he wins his conference or not, how Alabama did last year. It is possible that Clemson wins the ACC and does not play the Playoff, but this seems highly unlikely. I'm on top of the true freshmen of QB Trevor Lawrence and I expect him to be Clemson's starter at some point this season.
  • Alabama for not doing the Playoff (+280): I'm getting almost 4/1 on my money here. I think that Alabama is the best team, but is it really a team that is a big part of a lock to get the Playoff out of the SEC? If Georgia, Auburn, or someone else wins the SEC, I will most likely win this bet.
  • Oklahoma to do the Playoff (+425): Oklahoma project to be favored in all 12 games, and with two digits in at least eight. I will take 5/1 in a big conference team with that projection all day long.
  • Notre Dame to do the Playoff (+600): Notre Dame will have a robust defense and could be favored in all 11 games, after the inaugural home game against Michigan.

Here are some bets on the individual game of the future

These are bets on the lines of play that the books offered for some of the biggest games of the year, which are added to the bets I will play in the games of the week 1. All these bets are equal to (-110).

  • Boston College +1.5 to Wake Forest: I think BC will be the best team and he can go on and win, thanks to his physicality.
  • Florida a State of Mississippi -3 : While Dan Mullen knows this Mississippi state team, I think Starkville's team is better on a neutral site and that this will be a kickoff touchdown.
  • Alabama a Ole Miss +22.5 : will the Alabama warden be solidified by week 3? The depth of Ole Miss is worrying, but the roster should score a lot in September.
  • Wisconsin Michigan -3 : I love Michigan's defense and I think it can control Wisconsin's offense.
  • N.C. State +19.5 in Clemson: I think the Wolfpack is better than people think, and Clemson has a look-ahead game after that at FSU.

And here are the bets I posted at the start of this year, with notes about where they are currently located.

Most of these bets are going great, and I could have an opportunity from the cover kickoff, if I choose. As you'll see, while you're waiting to make your preseason bet can give you the advantage of seeing depth charts and injuries, it also potentially gives you a lot of value. It is important to have the numbers ready for the summer. Some of these bets have moved a whole win, which is a huge change in price.

Everyone wins total bets are only regular season

On May 18 I took the following:

  • Washington to win the national championship (+2400) : This is now +1300 in most places. [19659025] Washington Over 8.5 wins (-200) : it is not even available anymore. Washington now has a full highest victory, 9.5 to -200 odds.
  • Michigan State Over 7.5 wins (-155) : Another who has now moved a higher full victory. The odds on Michigan State are now 8.5 wins at -169. We probably would not get 8.5 at that price, but I'm in seventh heaven to keep my original ticket.
  • Stanford Under 9.5 wins (-170) : This is now at an incredible -288, which means more bettors have moved strongly against the cardinal. If I had waited, I would have had to risk a lot more to wager this total victory.
  • Tennessee Under 6.5 wins (-160) : This is now at -270!

On May 30th I made further bets:

  • Virginia Over 5 wins (-110) : This has slightly moved me and the bettors can now get it to +110.
  • Boston College Over 5.5 wins (-110) : this is another one that has moved by a ton – a complete victory at 6.5 and 70 cents of juice at -180.
  • Oregon Over 8.5 (-120) : slightly moved to -140.
  • Northwestern Under 6 (+100) : this has moved five cents against me to +105.
  • State of Florida More than 7.5 wins (-110) : This is now -182, a move of 72 cents.
  • UCLA Under 5.5 wins (-115) : not much has moved (-125). I'm still confident that the Bruins will miss a bowl.
  • Washington State Under 6.5 wins (-110) : This moved heavily in my favor, now at -200.
  • Pittsburgh Under 5.5 wins (+100) : this led to half victory in my favor and now is Under 5 to +130.
  • Virginia Tech Under 8.5 wins (-110) : now it has passed to -170.

A bet I almost pulled the trigger:

  • Utah to make the Playoff (+4500). Non-conference is a walk. Conference video games will be held at the WSU, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona State and Colorado.

A preview for the next week:

I think the games Alabama vs. Louisville and Florida State Vs. Virginia Tech will present at least 130 combined points. Smart bettors have already jumped on the Over 54 in the Alabama and Over 52 games in the FSU game. Those numbers have now moved both quite a bit. The lines of week 1 are lines that bettors really need to get going soon, since many have been published for weeks, if not months.

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