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Here are the words people looked at after the first presidential debate

But there are many that helped capture what the national conversations revolved in the hours that followed.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary shared terms such as white supremacy, antifa, fascism, and racism trend after the debate.

Here’s what else Americans were looking for after President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden took the stage:

According to the dictionary, logorrhea is defined as “excessive and often inconsistent talkativeness or verbiage”. Searches on Tuesday night increased by 56,000 percent, the dictionary states.
President Donald Trump was criticized for his repeated interruptions throughout the night, once he prompted Biden to reply, “Will you shut up, mate?”

The term jumped to the top of website searches after MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow used it after the debate, the dictionary says.


In another attempt to stop Trump’s interruptions, Biden asked, “Shut up just for a minute?”

That word saw high searches following that question, and searches jumped 28,900 percent Tuesday night, according to the dictionary.

Its definition?

“To exhort to be silent, to be silent”, according to the dictionary.


Xenophobia “is the fear and hatred of strangers or strangers or anything that is strange or strange,” says the dictionary. Searches for the word increased during the debate, according to the dictionary.

In the debate, Trump said Biden called him xenophobic due to the travel restrictions his administration imposed at the start of the pandemic on foreign nationals who had been to China.
“I closed it and you said,” It’s xenophobic. He’s racist and he’s xenophobic “because you didn’t think I should have shut down our country,” Trump said.

It is unclear Biden knew of the restrictions in late January when he said Trump has a record of “hysterical xenophobia” and “alarmism”.

Read a fact check on Trump’s claim


Another term that saw high searches was “moderator”. Searches for the term increased 3,500 percent overnight, according to the dictionary, “for reasons that must remain between these researchers and their dictionary.”

Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists to the presidential debate
The moderator on Tuesday evening was Chris Wallace of Fox News, who tried multiple times to intervene and suppress the discussions, as well as to reaffirm the rules of the debate and how much time each speaker was allowed.

This term has several definitions: “can be ‘the one who chairs an assembly, meeting or discussion’ (as in the chairman of a discussion group or the chairman of a town meeting), or ‘the one who arbitrates; a mediator” (this is the sense that is relevant to tonight’s debate … we think, as it could also be “a substance (like graphite) used to slow down neutrons in a nuclear reactor”), “the dictionary says.

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