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Hibbert of “Toots”, Jamaican reggae legend, dies at 77

Hibbert “died peacefully” in Jamaica “surrounded by his family” at the University Hospital of the West Indies late Friday, the Twitter release read.

While the cause of his death was not announced, the band said on September 3 that Hibbert had been taken to intensive care and was waiting to receive the results of a coronavirus test.

“The family and their management team would like to thank the medical teams and professionals for their care and diligence, and ask that their privacy be respected during their pain period,” Saturday’s statement read.

He added that Hibbert outlived his 39-year-old wife and seven of his eight children.

Trojan Records, the reggae label that released Toots And The Maytals albums, were among those who paid tribute to Hibbert on Saturday.

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In a statement posted on Twitter, he said: “We are so sad to hear Toots dying. A true pioneer who changed his life and brought so much joy through his music. We have lost a true legend. Your music will continue to live on. live. forever Fredrick Nathaniel ‘Toots’ Hibbert “.

The frontman’s death comes weeks after the band released “Got To Be Tough,” their first album in more than a decade.

Ziggy Marley, son of reggae star Bob Marley, contributed to the recent Toots and The Maytals album, with a cover of his late father’s song “Three Little Birds”.

Paying homage to Hibbert on social media, Marley tweeted that he saw the musician as a “father figure”, before adding that he “would never forget him”.

Marley also said the couple had talked a few weeks before Hibbert’s death.

Toots and The Maytals hits include “Pressure Drop”, “Monkey Man” and “Do The Reggay”, the latter of which is said to have given the genre its name.

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