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How old is this ancient vision of the stars?

The Nebra Sky Disc has been hailed as the oldest known representation of the cosmos. Discovered by looters in 1999 and then recovered in a bite by archaeologists and law enforcement a few years later, the ancient bronze artifact, inlaid with gold decorations of the night sky, provoked heated debates.

Now, a pair of German archaeologists question the age and origin of the disc, adding another chapter to the complex saga of the enchanting object.

It is estimated that the disc is currently around 3,600 years old, dating it to the Bronze Age. Looters who initially discovered it said it was buried on a hill near the city of Nebra in Germany, alongside weapons from the same era.

Rupert Gebhard, director of the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection in Munich, and Rüdiger Krause, professor of ancient European history at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, now propose that the disc is a product of the Iron Age, which would make it about 1,000 years old. younger.

To that end, Dr. Meller’s team intends to publish a rebuttal of the new study. Other archaeologists think they will have a lot to work with.

“What has been presented here certainly doesn’t throw the Bronze Age argument out of the water,” Dr. Sheridan of the new study.

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