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How the 2020 cancer season will affect you, based on your zodiac sign

Welcome to the 2020 cancer season, everyone! As a resident cardinal water sign of the zodiac, the crab season is here to immerse ourselves in our feelings, get in touch with our roots and encourage us to feed ourselves and the people around us. The Sun moved to Cancer on June 20 (which was also the first day of summer) and will pass through this sign until July 22 – and we kicked off this year’s cancer season with a bang, given that a powerful new moon eclipse took place just one day after the start of the cancer season. Hopefully we took it as an indicator of how intense and the transformation of the coming season has the potential to be.

Cancer is perhaps the most maternal and family-oriented zodiac sign, so don̵

7;t be surprised if you feel like staying close to home and surrounding yourself with your closest companions in the next month. “The cancer season focuses on families, family reunions and family vacations – or maybe this year, to remain“says Keen.com astrologer Leslie Hale at Bustle. With everything going on in the world, we could all use a touch of love to calm down or an empathetic ear to listen to our troubles. And that’s what the energy of the cancer season It is maternal, kind and nourishing, here to give our emotions space to manifest and breathe and encourage us to drive with empathy.

Two days before the start of the Cancer season, Mercury’s retrograde summer 2020 also started, joining a whole host of other retrograde planets that are rotating our summer in every way. The slowdown caused by retrogrades mixed with the usual mood of the Cancer season could be a recipe for summer sadness – or simply a command to increase self-care in the summer. “The key during this year’s cancer season will be to remain calm, balanced and maintain a positive attitude,” says Hale. “The world is changing and changing, but in the end it will be for the best.”

Here’s the scoop on how the 2020 Cancer season will affect each zodiac sign so you can take advantage of the deep summer sensations.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

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love: Improve communication with your lover this month, Aries, and think before speaking if you want to avoid arguments or even breakups. With Mercury retrograde for most of the Cancer season, we must all be more considerate with our words – and it is even more important for a fire sign with an impulsive tongue like you.

career: Your dominant planet Mars has just entered your sign, so you will feel totally refreshed and impatient to go when it comes to reaching your career goals in the coming weeks. Get ready to let off steam on all your work and personal projects.

Friendship: Your focus is on work right now, Aries, so you’re likely to slow down the social scene this month and spend more time at home with family, roommates or friends in a more discreet environment.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

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love: With your dominant planet, Venus, finally released retrograde from the beginning of the Cancer season, you feel ready to abandon yourself to the earthly pleasures of love. Plan a sensual night to reconnect with your partner.

career: It may be difficult to be super motivated and move forward with large-scale work projects, so focus on small tasks rather than large ones. Recovering emails or tackling smaller projects will help you make the most of this time.

Friendship: The cancer season is a great time to make your social nature shine. Try to chat with colleagues or neighbors and make some phone calls to meet friends with whom you haven’t touched the base for some time.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

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love: You feel really adorable right now, Gemma! Embrace your most sensitive side during the Cancer season and allow yourself the pleasure of taking the driving seat. Get ready and seduce your crush.

career: Money is definitely on your mind, so take stock of where you are financially and find out if you get paid how much you are worth. If you think it’s time for a raise, wait for the last week of the Cancer season when Mercury ends its retrograde to have that conversation.

Friendship: You are a social butterfly, but what do you really appreciate in your friends? You will probably find yourself sifting through your list of IRL friends to find out who in your life really deserves your time.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

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love: You are so busy taking the spotlight during your birthday season that you may find that you are not super focused on love right now. All right! Give yourself some time and space to gather your feelings and understand what you want before making any commitments.

career: This could be a great month for your career, Cancer! While it’s not advisable to make big moves while Mercury is retrograde, it’s a good time to revisit past projects and think about ways to move forward once you’ve reached the last week of the season.

Friendship: With the sun shining in your sign for the whole month, it’s a good time to be social and express yourself with your friends. Whether you throw a remote social party for your birthday or simply get together with your friends via video chat, you need to connect with friends.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

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love: You are craving a social element in your love life, especially after months of isolation, so find a way to involve your romantic relationship with your social circle, even if it must be socially spaced! Plan a double picnic outdoors or meet some mutual friends during a Zoom happy hour. It will help revive the spark.

career: It may seem that things are slowing down your career, but think of this month as a breath very welcome by the madness that is happening. Use this time to focus on learning new skills or setting higher goals for yourself.

Friendship: While you enjoy showing some affection to your friends, you will probably feel a little more introverted this season. A tip, though? Embrace it – because the Leo season is coming, and you’ll want to party the whole month once the transit has hit.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

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love: You’re having a bit of a love affair with work right now, Virgo – and while it’s great for your career, don’t let your love life suffer because of it. Open up your job and find common ground instead of completely separating these parts of your life.

career: Even with your dominant planet Mercury retrograde, you can’t be stopped – you’re on fire as far as your career is concerned. You are passionate about your professional goals right now and are working well with others. Ask the power of teamwork to refine your ideas and make them as bright as possible.

Friendship: Your social senses are naturally high this month, Virgo, so take advantage of it. Instead of chatting with your colleagues and answering a million stories on Instagram, plan something with friends to remind yourself that you are still part of a community, even if you are distancing yourself from social media.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

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love: Love can really take you to faraway places, even if it’s in your mind and heart, Libra. Don’t put the potential for romance in any type of box right now. Your dominant planet Venus (which is the planet of love) is finally out of fashion for the Cancer season, so now everything in your heart is possible.

career: The cancer season brings booming energy into your career right now, Libra! While Mercury retrograde can force some slowdowns at work, your passion and energy can more than compensate for these setbacks. Express yourself and perfect your public image now, and it will be well received.

Friendship: Due to the increased brilliance and focus you are placing on work, you will likely find yourself gravitating naturally to friends who understand your career path or share a similar one. Get feedback and support from the people you trust right now.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

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love: Love is all intimacy for you right now, Scorpio – but that’s exactly how you like it. Superficial and superficial affairs are not really your style, as you much prefer to go deep and become real with someone if you are going to give them your time. Just make sure you set limits so you don’t totally drown in romantic intensity.

career: You have an itch for a vacation right now, but with the Mercury retrograde pandemic going on this season, it’s not the ideal time. Save your vacation for later in the summer and instead focus on renewing the workday and reworking the list of things to do to make your schedule fresher and more functional.

Friendship: You are craving mental stimulation, and your friends can be a truly rewarding source for this month. Ask friends if they are interested in starting a book club to dive deeply into the current social justice issues we are facing.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

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love: Love is primarily for the brain for you this season, Sag. You are pouring everything into your closest romantic relationships or perhaps even making things official with a crush – and you will finally feel like all the challenges that you have romantically faced are paying off.

career: This isn’t the most compelling season for you when it comes to work, so think of it as a time to slow down and clean the house so you can move on to new goals by the end of the summer. Try to finish old persistent projects and make sure you don’t owe anyone an email or an expired result.

Friendship: Right now, you are more interested in heart-to-heart connections with your closest friends than you are the party life, Sag. Allow yourself to deepen and make your conversations intimate – just make sure you set adequate limits with friends so that your vulnerability isn’t exploited.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

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love: This month we focus a lot on your closest collaborations and you will probably have some serious summons with your lover. While things may not seem spectacular and sparkling in love with all these heavy feelings that emerge, trust that this is a necessary step towards having an open and more honest connection.

career: Mercury retrograde is confusing us when it comes to job issues throughout the cancer season, so focus on making your communications with supervisors and colleagues crystal clear. Individual discussions will be easier to navigate than large group meetings.

Friendship: With love and work requiring a lot of energy, the cancer season is a good time to slow down and connect only with your closest friends. Keep things discreet and allow your connections with friends to heal and heartily.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

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love: Ooh, Aquarius, you may not be the feeric Cancer type, but you’re 100% flirting this season. Get ready to have some love and hit the dating scene if you’re single. If you are in a relationship, organize pleasant outings and try to seduce yourself again.

career: The cancer season is based on tackling the smaller projects on your to-do list, Aquarius. You are inspired to get organized at work and you feel super motivated when it comes to catching up on all sorts of correspondence. Take advantage of this burst of clarity.

Friendship: Your friendships will feel better this month if they are focused on wellness and support your need for self-care. Connect with friends who inspire you to be the best and healthiest version of yourself, and avoid energy vampires.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

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love: You just want to pamper yourself at home with your partner during the cancer season this year, Pisces – and that’s fine! Address the nutritional nature of Cancer and embrace the most comfortable parts of your relationship by organizing many cozy nights together.

career: You feel super motivated to make money, go ahead with your passion projects and put your finances in order, Pisces – so take advantage of the motivation. You will get even more traction during the last week of the cancer season, when Mercury retrograde ends.

Friendship: This is a super fun season to get in touch with friends for your creative endeavors, especially for an art lover like you. Share your ideas with friends to get even more inspiration and do something creative is social as a daily drawing challenge or a virtual art lesson.

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