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How to visit Joe Biden’s island in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can check out the VP Joe Biden campaign ending on their pitch right now. Dream Code DA-7286-5710-7478 takes players to “Biden HQ” Island, and Kinda Funny Games’ Twitch channel is streaming a tour of the place right now.

Biden HQ follows Animal Crossing’s previous forays that included garden signs and merchandising around the world for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. More virtual items are offered here, including caps, caps, hoodies and T-shirts with the Biden-Harris campaign branding.

But players should also check out the multi-level campaign office, with rooms for both Biden and Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris filled with their belongings. The phone bank on the first floor requires players to send a text message, with another piece of Animal Crossing merchandise dangled as encouragement.

screenshot from inside the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign headquarters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The phone bank inside the island’s campaign headquarters. Sending an “AC” text message to 30330 provides a piece of in-game merchandising.
Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via Biden-Harris 2020

There is also a polling station on the island that directs players to the voting information site I Will Vote, run by the Democratic National Committee. The site contains details on voting registration, voting by mail, and polling stations for a user’s postcode. Election day is November 3, less than three weeks away, and early voting has already begun in several states.

A Biden-Harris campaign statement Friday afternoon noted that “abseiling selfies are paused with social distancing” in the real world, but that “there are still great photo opportunities all over the island.” Biden’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons avatar is walking; it’s the gray-haired guy who wears a blazer and aviator sunglasses who says, “No malarkey”.

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