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“I feel like I have dementia”: how brain fog plagues Covid-19 survivors

Small strokes can cause some symptoms, said Dr. Dona Kim Murphey, a neurologist and neuroscientist, who in turn has had post-Covid neurological problems, including “alien hand syndrome,” in which she felt a “super bizarre sense of my left hand “. , as if I didn’t understand why it was positioned that way and I was really fascinated by it. “

Other possible causes are autoimmune reactions “when antibodies mistakenly attack nerve cells,” said Dr. Spudich.

Symptoms like tingling or numbness can occur when damaged nerves send the wrong signals, said Dr. Allison Navis, a neuro-infectious disease specialist at Mount Sinai Health System. Some people with brain fog still have lung or heart problems, which can exacerbate neurological symptoms.

So far, MRI scans have not indicated damaged brain areas, neurologists say.

Dr Murphey, scientific director of a brainwave technology company, who couldn’t conjure the word “work” at a recent meeting, said research is key, so symptoms are taken seriously.

“People scornfully say ‘It’s all in their head,'” he said. “In this case it’s literally in our heads, and it’s very real.”

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