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I was not the best parent and I was punished

Dear Amy: My middle child and I struggled during my parenting years. I have always been in contact with her older brother and younger sister more easily than with her.

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune)

I had no idea how bad it hurt until she moved out. Once in a conversation, she shared many, many incidents that showed a lack of affection during her childhood that hurt her. There is some truth in this; however, I haven̵

7;t seen it at the moment.

Now that she is an adult, I have tried to “remedy” the pain I caused her. Been there for her. He still punishes me (unconsciously).

He is now a doctor and throughout medical school he wrote me love cards of kindness and appreciation, thanking me for my support and love. Yet we can hardly be together for two days without her choosing everything I say or do.

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