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Ian Desmond opts for the 2020 season

Rocky Outfield player Ian Desmond will choose not to play in the MLB 2020 season. He provided a thoughtful explanation of his decision making in an ad on Instagram.

Desmond explains that “the COVID-9 pandemic has made this baseball season what is a risk I am not comfortable with.” He says he is forced to stay home “with a pregnant wife and four young children who have many questions about what’s going on in the world”.

Fortunately for all of us who care about the future of the game, Desmond, highly respected, says he wants to work with his local Little League (in Sarasota, Florida) while he won’t play this year. He did not offer an indication of his future plans for a return to the diamond.


7;s announcement is an essential read for all baseball fans. It is a powerful call to action to tackle the obvious iniquity of the game, from the lowest to the highest level.

Three other great leaguer preceded Desmond in the announcement that they would not participate in the 2020 season. No doubt others will follow. It is not known whether Desmond has had any personal medical problems that will allow him to give up, while accumulating wages and service times. Otherwise, he will waive a proportionate share of his $ 15 MM salary for the year. It remains under contract with the Rocky Mountains until 2021; the club also controls it in 2022 through the club option.

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