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Infectious Disease Expert: The “darkest of the whole pandemic” is yet to come

Michael Osterholm, a renowned infectious disease expert, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday that “the next six or twelve weeks will be the darkest of the entire pandemic” and expressed concern that the United States is missing. a guiding voice to guide the audience.

“Vaccines won’t be significantly available until soon [the] third quarter of next year. And even then, about half of the US population at this point is skeptical about getting the vaccine too, “said Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

Osterholm reported the daily tally of 70,000 new cases of COVID-1

9 in the United States on Friday, the highest level since July. Between now and the holidays, the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States is likely “to end,” he said.

He pointed out that one of the concerns is that there are a number of voices guiding the audience instead of just one, “which is part of the problem”.

Michael Osterholm

NBC News / Press Meeting

Michael Osterholm

“This is more than just science. This is bringing people together to understand why we are doing this. This is FDR’s fireplace chat approach, and we’re not doing it, ”he said, referring to President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s evening radio speeches during the Great Depression that built public confidence.

Osterholm said the goal is to achieve herd immunity by not allowing people to contract the virus, but by inoculating them through a vaccination program. This requires a strengthening of public confidence.

“We need someone to start articulating, ‘What’s our long-term plan? How are we going to get there? Why do we ask people to sacrifice distance? Why do we tell people if you really love your family, you won’t come home for the Thanksgiving or for Christmas and you’ll end up infecting mom or dad or grandpa and grandma. “We don’t have that narrative going on right now, and that’s all a little bit as important as science itself,” he said.

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