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iPhone 12 will be more expensive than iPhone 11, BOM suggests

While the prospect was exciting, it looked a bit unbelievable. After all, the upcoming models will have new tricks up their sleeves, and upgrades usually lead to a price hike.
Shortly after, a report stating that the starting price could be anywhere between $ 699 and $ 749 surfaced.
A Weibo whistleblower (via GizChina) now suggests that the upper range is more likely. Apparently Apple won’t include EarPods and chargers with the new models, a practice that has already started with yours latest watch models. Consumers were hoping that omitting these accessories would help the company keep the price of the iPhone 12 equal to that of the iPhone 11.
It turns out that the BOM cost for the iPhone 12 is apparently $ 50 more than the iPhone 11, presumably due to the 5G components and the OLED display. If you do the math, this equates to a starting price of $ 749.

The company apparently hopes to sell 80 million units of the new models this year. Provided the demand forecast is accurate, this could be bad news for iPhone fans, as supply will be less than around 6-10 million units.

Apple has already introduced the A14 chip that will power the iPhone 12 and the leaked benchmark scores suggest that the performance improvements will not be huge when compared to the iPhone 11. High-end variants should have a LiDar sensor and it doesn’t seem like potential buyers are that excited about this update.
Sales of the iPhone 12 could still catch up Levels of iPhone 6, largely due to the fact that these would be the first 5G-enabled Apple smartphones.

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