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Jessica Simpson Crushes Date With “No Pants Needed”

The star regularly floods her husband with love on social media, and if their celebrations in private are half the sweet tooth of what’s happening on social media, tonight will be a real surprise. Simpson recently took to Instagram and praised her husband on his birthday with an emotional message about the two stars who are soul mates.

“Oh how I love you !!! When I was in my mom’s womb God formed me and put you in my heart. It took me 29 years to discover my soul mate and colliding with your heart was our spiritual destiny . You are the human that everything should aspire to be. A transformative inspirational force for all who know and love you and are lucky enough to have them back. I am so excited to see everything you have worked on so beautifully that I am introduced in the world this year! “

Looks like he won̵

7;t need pants either.

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