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Jimmy Garoppolo must “play better”

Jimmy Garoppolo picked up where he left off at the Super Bowl. On Sunday, the result was another defeat for the 49ers.

More criticism for Jimmy G and his bad pitches will surely follow.

There were two balls in particular that the San Francisco quarterback would definitely want to get back.

With the Niners behind by four and about a minute remaining, Garoppolo threw a fully open Kendrick Bourne in the end zone, his pass bouncing off Patrick Peterson̵

7;s helmet. Three plays later, fourth and fifth, Jimmy G threw himself behind Trent Taylor, which allowed Byron Murphy to bounce back and beat him and seal the Arizona Cardinals 24-20.

“I can’t really put my finger on one (played) right now, but there are a number of them,” Garoppolo said when asked where he would like it to be repeated. “Missed pitches, missed chances we usually do.”

Garoppolo finished 19 of 33 for 259 yards and two touchdowns but only led a scoring drive in the second half, struggling with the match on the line just as he did in February against the Chiefs.

“He made some good plays in there, but just like the rest of the attack (he) had some missed chances”, 49ers manager Kyle Shanahan told reporters. “He has to play better. We all have to play better. The whole attack has lost chances.”

Shanahan who chooses not to run once in the last couple of minutes will likely be seen as one. The 49ers struggled to move the ball to the ground for most of the season opener but were effective in their final drive. Down by four points with about five minutes left, the Niners gained 32 yards on four attempts as the clock ran on the two-minute warning.

The next six games were all passes and only 16 yards. Both developments – Garoppolo’s latest fights and pass-run distribution – have become polarizing talking points in San Francisco. Shanahan hinted at his team leaving on a third down (2 out of 11) and two trips within Arizona 10 amounting to just three equally damaging points.

“I thought we had a chance to run away with it in the first half”, Shanahan said.

Instead, the Cardinals ran and threw themselves from a 10-point lead and won. It was all too familiar to the 49ers.

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