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Justin Bieber bares Young Fame’s pain in powerful new song ‘Lonely’ on ‘SNL’

It can be scary and soul-killing to be famous, especially when you are a child. That’s what Justin Bieber tried to tell fans, and that’s what he sang on “Saturday Night Live” in his heartbreaking new song “Lonely”.

He silently began the song backstage in his dressing room, singing to himself in the mirror.

“What if I have everything but no one to call? Maybe then you would know me, “he sang.”

; Because I’ve had it all, but no one’s listening to me, and he’s so alone, oh so alone. I’m so lonely.”

He walked through the halls of the studio to the stage, singing: “Everyone saw me sick, and it seemed that nobody [shit]. They criticized the things I did as an idiot kid. “

Bieber released the music video for the song on Friday at midnight. He presents his voice, but sees as the protagonist the fourteen year old Jacob Tremblay of “Room” as a young Bieber, struggling with success and pain.

At the beginning of “SNL”, Bieber sang another new song, “Holy”, a mix of religion and love for his wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber on a set that looked a bit like a manger with a neon cross. He was joined by Chance the Rapper, his collaborator on the track.

Watch both performances in the video above and here:

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