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Kate McKinnon Breaks Character In “SNL” Weekend Update

McKinnon and Colin Jost, host of the weekend update, spoke about the ongoing pandemic and upcoming elections.

Comedian Bill Burr hosted the second episode of Saturday Night LiveThe 46th season, which opened with the simultaneous parody of the debate at the vice presidency and the film The fly.

As for Weekend update, this week’s arguments are back in Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis again, with Colin Jost saying the president has escaped from the hospital, Terminator-style. “Trump claims he survived the coronavirus,” Michael Che said and then followed with a weak “yay”.

But the highlight of the episode was Kate McKinnon who appeared at the desk as “Dr. Wayne Weknowdis”

; to give a second opinion on Trump’s medical examination – repeatedly saying the phrase “we know”.

McKinnon ended up breaking her character, with her and Jost turning into laughter.

“Kate are you okay?” Jost asked as she laughed constantly, pretending to check her blood pressure. “Obviously, I’m not,” McKinnon replied.

McKinnon then addressed the audience in Studio 8H and those watching at home, sharing how hard it is to understand that we don’t know what will happen with the ongoing pandemic or the upcoming election.

“It’s such a crazy time and that’s something I’ve started doing to make it through,” McKinnon shared, referring to her drawing costume. “It’s refreshing to play a character who ‘knows’.”

“I know it’s very stressful,” Jost told McKinnon and viewers. “I know it’s very difficult right now. I know people are very resistant about it. I know even if it doesn’t look good, don’t worry. You can understand it, we can do it.”

The sketches during the episode touched on performative activism, racism, the pandemic and more. In a digital sketch, Beck Bennett mocked celebrity influencers who make political videos. He recorded a shirtless video of himself singing a song called “Enough is Enough” addressed to Trump, but then his management asked him to remove it. Jason Momoa then called to ask him to delete it from the video.

In an NFL talk show sketch, Burr played a Chicago Bears-loving white correspondent who began pretending he watched the news the night before instead of watching the game after his co-hosts played by Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim have faced the recent police brutality against blacks. Burr’s character continued to be completely numb and ignorant, especially since he had planned ahead for a series of pranks at his co-host’s expense. In another sketch, Burr also played a mafia leader criticized for using homophobic and racist language.

Jack White was the musical host for the episode, replacing Morgan Wallen, who was abandoned after breaking COVID-19 security protocols according to SNL Chief Lorne Michaels on Today show.

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