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Kate Middleton’s $ 13 Zoom dress is affordable and nails a big fall trend

There’s no denying the fact that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is a fashion icon in her own right. From the moment she joined the royal family, she sold out countless pieces in minutes, with fans all over the world clamoring to copy her elegant look. While Kate Middleton hasn’t made too many in-person appearances since the start of the lockdown due to coronavirus (COVID-19), that hasn’t stopped her from looking fantastic even when we see her from afar. Kate definitely has an eye for style – she knows what looks great, and the colors, prints and even the accessories she chooses are more than flattering as she somehow manages to create the perfect look for any occasion.

Lately, Kate and her husband Prince William have been doing royal duties on Zoom calls, and fans have been happy to see them. Even though she works from home like so many others, Kate is still showing off the trendy pieces just like she always has. Her latest look certainly didn̵

7;t disappoint, and of course, people were quick to get their hands on the spectacular outfit. Here’s how Kate Middleton’s $ 13 Zoom dress is affordable and nails a big fall trend.

Kate Middleton smiles in front of a tree
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge | Joe Giddens / Getty Images

Kate Middleton and her remarkable fashion

For years, the Duchess of Cambridge style has been known as the Kate Middleton effect, as Hello reports. Whether it’s her gorgeous lace wedding dress that has managed to set the precedent for millions of brides or the coat dresses she is known to wear, Kate gets it right every time.

The future queen met her husband when they were both students at the University of St Andrews, and once she and William were married, she easily transitioned into her royal role, delighting fans with one fantastic ensemble after another. She carries out her royal duties with elegance and grace that exceed everyone’s expectations and somehow manages to balance her work as a duchess with her duties as a busy mother of three to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

What dress has Kate been wearing recently?

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Kate became famous for her elegant style and her beautiful and effortless looks. So what was she wearing recently that was perfect for fall and that fans absolutely loved? Well, in a recent appearance via Zoom, the Duchess wore a Zara dress that was on sale at the affordable price of just $ 13 and, just as anyone would expect, sold out almost immediately, reports PageSix. The dress was cute and looked incredibly comfortable, and people can’t stop talking about it. It was everything we would have expected of the future queen consort, and we can only imagine that those who were lucky enough to have one for themselves will wear it whenever they have one.

Kate Middleton’s $ 13 Zoom dress is affordable and nails a big fall trend

The Duchess of Cambridge has worn so many dazzling looks, so what is it about in her $ 13 Zoom dress that not only caught everyone’s attention, but also hit a big fall trend? According to The Zoe Report, it’s the dress color that has proven to be a huge hit. Kate’s dress, featuring a lace trimmed neckline and soft floral print, is a beautiful shade of sage green. The color is expected to be hugely popular this fall, which more than likely explains why fans will have no problem finding similar styles of the completely sold out piece. It looks like Kate has done it again with her incredible fashion sense, and the Kate Middleton effect is still going strong.

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