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Last Of Us, Uncharted Dev talks about the move to PlayStation 5

Naughty Dog has just released The Last of Us Part II on PlayStation 4 and may be the developer ‘s final game for the console. The team will presumably switch to PlayStation 5 for its next game, be it The Last of Us Part II, a new IP or something else entirely. Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog VP, has now talked about the PS5 and what it will allow the developer to achieve.

In an appearance on former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime’s new podcast, Druckmann said the PS5’s new SSD will help reduce loading times, which in turn will open new doors for Naughty Dog developers.

Druckmann pointed out that Naughty Dog is already working hard to minimize loading zones in his games, but this is only possible due to technical magic that takes place behind the scenes that the player never sees. With PS5, developers won̵

7;t have to be that smart, Druckmann teased.

“At the end of a [console] generation, you always feel the constraints. You always feel like you’re pushing against a heap of walls and finding the small cracks where you can take things a little further than it’s memory or CPU or hard drive speed. When you start a new generation, it’s a double-edged sword, “said Druckmann.” On the one hand, new technology needs to be developed for new hardware, and this can be an uphill battle. On the other hand, you suddenly feel this freedom of “Oh my God, we can breathe again!” ‘We can break away from these constraints.’ And one of the things that excites us is the solid state hard drive and the meaning of almost continuous loading. “

“We do so much work on our part, once you start the adventure, you never see a loading screen. And there is so much work going on behind the scenes of how we design the levels, how we cut them, and it is all invisible to the player; you never see anything about that job, “he added. “But now, knowing that we will be able to load things faster, it just means that designers don’t have to be as constrained by how they expose things. How we think of things. When we load new characters So I’m excited to see the doors that they open for us. “

It appears that Naughty Dog doesn’t immediately launch into a PS5 game, as Druckmann confirmed that he and the team are taking a break and catching their breath after releasing The Last of Us Part II.

During the same podcast, Druckmann spoke of the Internet hatred surrounding The Last of Us Part II, stating that hatred and vitriol are inevitable when creating something hugely popular.

The next Naughty Dog game is expected to be an independent Last of Us Part II online experience of some kind. Given the times, it seems possible that this project, whatever it may be, could debut on PS5. However, almost nothing is known about this Last of Us game. Naughty Dog is unexpected to return to Uncharted, as the study stated that Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy were the last games in the series that they planned to work on. However, another study could come in to make Uncharted 5.

Druckmann also recently confirmed that Naughty Dog has no plans to release the DLC for The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us Part II has sold over 4 million copies in its first three days to set new records on PlayStation, surpassing other exclusives such as Spider-Man, God of War and Uncharted 4.

For more information on The Last of Us Part II, take a look at editor Phil Hornshaw’s recent opinion piece, “The Last Of Us 2’s Obsession With A Gamer Gotcha weakens its characters.”

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