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Lena Dunham talks about living through COVID-19

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Now we can add Lena Dunham to the list of celebrities who can offer first-hand accounts of what life with COVID-19 can be like; the Girls the creator posted on Instagram this weekend about her experience with the disease, noting that she was diagnosed in March and that “It’s not like passing the flu on to your colleague. “

In his post, Dunham discusses what appears to be an extremely unpleasant three weeks of direct symptoms of the disease, writing that “Suddenly my body simply … rebelled. The nerves in my feet were burning and the muscles didn’t seem to do their job. I could not sleep but I could not wake up. I have lost the sense of taste and smell. A violent cough, like a metronome that keeps time. Inability to breathe after simple tasks like getting a glass of water. Random red washes. A severe headache between my eyes. It seemed to me to be a complex machine that had been disconnected and therefore my wires were redirected to the wrong inputs. ”

Like other celebrities before her (including Bryan Cranston, Tom Hanksand many others), Dunham wrote that he was talking about his experiences to increase the need for people to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

I’I’m reluctant to share this, having rewritten and anxiously rewritten it. I don’t want to add my voice unnecessarily to a noisy landscape on such a demanding topic, since an unfathomable number of people have lost their lives due to COVID-19a phrase we didn’t even know in January. “

But seeing the inattention with which so many in the United States deal with social distancing, people who jog without masks and parties on Instagram, I feel obliged to be honest about the impact that this disease has had on me, in the hope that the personal stories allow us to see humanity in what may seem like abstract situations.

Dunham says that after about 21 days of symptoms, she recovered from the initial wave of disease effects and shortly thereafter tested negative for COVID-19. But he also claims that he has many symptoms that have not subsided following the “active” phase of the disease, and stressed that doctors are still struggling to understand the long-term effects of the disease. “This is the biggest deal in our country, “he concludes,” Ain the world right now. When you take appropriate measures to protect yourself and your neighbors, you save them a world of pain. Save them a journey that no one deserves to undertake, with a million results that we still don’t understand, and a million people with different resources and different levels of support who are not ready to make this sea wave catch them. ”

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