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Le’Veon Bell Release: Five Most Logical Landing Points for Jets Pro Bowl Running Back

The Le’Veon Bell experiment in New York was simply a square peg, a round hole situation from day one. After signing his $ 52.5 million four-year contract with the Jets in March of 2019, there was immediate discontent between the front office and head coach Adam Gase, who was reportedly not enamored with the idea of ​​giving. such a great return.

From there, Gase and Bell never seemed to see each other face to face, entering into a series of public disagreements including one this week in which Bell appreciated a number of tweets that said he should have seen more goals in the week 5 defeat. New York against the Cardinals. Naturally, Gase was dissatisfied with Bell̵

7;s decision to convey his feelings on social media rather than discussing the game strategy with the coach face to face. Again, this is just a taste of how poorly matched these two parts have been since the jump.

What was intriguing about this latest social media Cold War between Bell and Gase was the retro liking to tweet suggesting New York should trade it. Well, it looks like he can fulfill his wish like Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that the Jets are looking to trade Bell before the October 29 deadline. The rumors of the trade didn’t last long as New York released Bell a few hours after reports of the Jets seeking a trade were published.

Now that Bell has been released, let’s take a look at some of the possible destinations for the former All-Pro comeback.

The great Matthew McConaughey once said, “Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.”

With Le’Veon Bell likely to become a free agent, a return to the Steelers shouldn’t be ruled out. When the Jets put Bell on the block last year around the trade deadline, Pittsburgh is said to have been one of the teams that kicked the tires to acquire him, possibly hosting a meeting in Steel City. Even if that didn’t ultimately happen, it wouldn’t have been a shock to see the Steelers rejoin the Bell lotteries now that it’s back on the market.

Sure, Bell’s exit from the Steelers was definitely messy, but there’s no denying the success he enjoyed while on the pitch in Pittsburgh. In his five years with the Steelers, he averaged 1,337 yards since scrimmage and nearly seven total touchdowns per season. Probably his best season came in 2014, when he scored 2,215 scrimmage yards and 11 total touchdowns. That said, Bell also recorded consecutive seasons of over a thousand yards for Pittsburgh before being out all of 2018 due to a contract dispute.

Again, it has a history of success in their system, and if Pittsburgh was interested last year, they may be interested once again.

Chicago was one of the biggest surprises of the 2020 season, starting with a 4-1 record and in the midst of the playoff contention up to this point. If GM Ryan Pace wants to go all-in with this team which is now led by quarterback Nick Foles, adding a weapon like Bell might not be a bad boost for an attack that lost Tarik Cohen for the year to due to a torn ACL. Cohen saw 104 goals in the passing game in 2019 and those are theoretically still up for grabs. Bell has proven to be a more than capable defender, racking up 381 receptions over the course of his career.

The Bears are also ranked 25th in the NFL in yards overall and died last in the league in running scores. Adding Bell to this backfield to pair it with David Montgomery would definitely take those numbers to a more respectable level.

Arizona Cardinals

Don’t sleep on the Arizona Cardinals in these Le’Veon Bell lotteries. Because? James Saxon. The current backs running card coach held the same position with the Pittsburgh Steelers during Bell’s tenure with the organization. Saxon helped the manager bring Bell, a second-round pick from the state of Michigan, to the first All-Pro team we know today. Given this history, you can’t ignore Arizona as a potential landing spot for Bell.

While the Cardinals are technically one of the top five running teams in the league, that’s largely to the credit of quarterback Kyle Murray who has scored 296 yards and five ground touchdowns in five games. Kenyan Drake, who the team acquired around the deadline last year, was shoddy in his second season with the club, running 3.7 yards for a carry. Drake is currently only playing on a one-year transition tag, so the Cardinals aren’t committed to him in the long term, which opens the door to bringing in the likes of Bell.

With Austin Ekeler currently on reserve due to injury after suffering a hamstring injury in week 4 that will likely leave him on the sidelines for a month or more, L.A. it starts to look like another attractive destination for Bell. While Justin Jackson made a solid effort (71 yards of running) against the Saints in Monday’s defeat, the Chargers as a team were pretty inefficient on the ground, averaging just 3.5 yards per carry. Rookie Joshua Kelley was considered the key replacement for Ekeler, but he only managed 26 yards on 11 carries.

If they were to sign Bell, it would not only give rookie phenomenon Justin Herbert a star that goes back into the here and now, but it would form a one-two devil when Ekeler returns to his full strength. Now that the Chargers have found their franchise quarterback, it is imperative that they capitalize on his rookie contract and surround him with elite talent to contend with. Bringing Bell to a crime that already has Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Hunter Henry and Ekeler would do wonders for his development.

The Bills could certainly use a push in the backfield. They are currently tied for third-worst yards per carry rate (3.7) in the NFL. They have Devin Singletary and rookie Zack Moss as two key pieces in the running game, but the addition of Bell could bring a whole new dimension to their rushed attack and reduce Josh Allen’s pressure to play with his feet and arm. .

With Allen making a significant leap as a passerby this season, the Bills are poised for a deep run into the playoffs. If they want to be buyers on maturity and are looking to reinforce one of the few areas of weakness along their offense, signing Bell could be a smart way to go.

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