LineageOS is the most popular custom ROM for Android devices, bringing new OS versions to phones and tablets that haven’t been supported in a while. The Pixel line was mostly ignored by the project, outside of the original models, but now almost all of the phones made by Google are receiving official LineageOS builds.

LineageOS 17.1, based on Android 10, arrived on the original Pixel and Pixel XL earlier this year. After a handful of builds based on Android 9 Pie have been released, Pixel 2 (walleye) and Pixel 2 XL (taimen) are now also supported on LineageOS 17.1. Pixel 3 (blueline), Pixel 3 XL (crosshatch), Pixel 4 (flame), Pixel 4 XL (coral) and Pixel 3a (sargo) have been added to the official roster in the last few days.

This leaves the Pixel 3a XL and Pixel 4a as the only remaining devices that don’t have official Lineage support. A wiki page for 3rd XL already exists and has been added to the build target list, but the downloads are not active yet.

On an unrelated note, the G7 Play (channel) and G7 Power (ocean) have also been added to the LineageOS 17.1 device list. It’s always nice to see more budget devices on the list.