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Listen to Matt Bellamy’s cover of Muse ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has released a version of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

Remaining primarily faithful to the original, Bellamy captures the reassuring feelings and emotional weight of the song with uplifting falsettos in its stripped down version. Instead of the piano-driven melodies found in the original recorded version, Bellamy’s version is acoustic guitar-driven.

“One of my favorite songs of all time and a fitting song for a difficult year,” Bellamy said in a statement. “We should all reach out and be there for our friends right now!”


7;s Simon & Garfunkel cover follows the release of his solo song “Tomorrow’s World” which he finished recording during the block. He reflected optimistically on the effects of the blockade in May.

“This forced me to really look at what it feels like to live at a slower pace and enjoy home life and enjoy real quality time with the kids,” she said. Rolling Stone. “Now I’m going to school all over the place. I know exactly what my son is learning and what’s going on with him. All that stuff feels like a really eye-opening experience to me, and I think that song reflects that.

“Towards the end of the song, I go into the idea that the world itself is something that maybe we should be a little more … that we should slow down, slow things down a bit,” he continued.

Bellamy added that Muse hope to start work on new music next year and potentially resume touring in 2022. Their sci-fi concert film, Simulation theory, hit streaming services in August. Simulation theory will also be available as two separate limited-edition deluxe box sets, arriving on 11 December. The boxes will be characterized by a personalization Simulation theory Marvel Comics comic and limited edition poster.

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