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Live: Super Rugby game between Highlanders and Crusaders cancelled in wake of Christchurch terror attacks | 1 NEWS NOW

1 NEWS: live updates after 49 people were killed yesterday in a terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch.

1.45pm – Tonight Highlanders-Crusaders The Super Rugby match in Dunedin has been canceled. Others to come.

1.40pm – Of the arrest, Commissioner Bush said: "That person was intent on being arrested, I still think you probably saw some of the live videos, that the live audio is back at the my command center in Wellington from that apprehension, I can tell you while I was listening that the person was not compliant. "

" Our staff, who was well equipped, became engaged to that person and put himself in serious danger to maintain the community safe from further damage. "


3:30 – The accused, Brenton Tarrant, was not known to any authority and had no criminal record, said Commissioner Bush.

1.29pm – It took police to 36 minutes from the time of the call to arrest the defendant. Police chiefs are happy with this response time.

1.26pm – Commissioner Bush says he has no information on further attacks but the police are taking nothing.

1.24pm – The officials of the various agencies have also accepted the courageous work of the staff through the emergency services.

1.20pm – Commissioner Bush also thanked the religious leaders who offered support.

1.18pm – He says the priority is public safety with personnel employed in Christchurch and throughout the country in an attempt to keep the public safe.

1.17 pm – Commissioner Mike Bush is now in front of the media in Christchurch.

1.05pm – Eleven people are in intensive care, everyone is considered seriously ill, said Robertson.

1.03 pm – Greg Robertson, chief of surgery, says that seven of the 48 hospitalized yesterday due to the attack have been discharged. He says that the injured go from an age of a child aged two and much older. Twelve operating rooms were used to treat patients during the night.

13.00 – 19459005 David Meates, managing director of Canterbury DHB, is now facing the media.

12.36pm – A great tribute is being built outside a mosque in the suburb of Wellington at Kilbirnie.

People have laid flowers and written on the ground with chalk.

12.30pm – Jacinda Ardern arrived in Christchurch.

12.28pm – The President of the Police Association Chris Cahill issued a statement declaring that he wanted Jacinda Ardern's first commitment to change the laws on the New Zealand gun.

12.06pm – The Warriors tickets for the opening round this evening are free after yesterday's attacks. The club says it gives the public the chance to be together in solidarity.

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The 28-year-old Australian citizen, a Dunedin resident, is in court today charged with murder.
Source: 1 NEWS

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Donald Trump called the Prime Minister to ask what the United States could do.
Source: 1 NEWS

12.02pm – The Christchurch Foundation has established a new fund to help raise funds to support Muslim families and communities affected by tragic events, now and in the future. The fund, which is called Our People, Our City.

Anyone wishing to donate to the fund can do so at any TSB branch or by bank transfer to the established bank account of the Foundation, listed below:

The Christchurch Foundation 15-3976-0091104-80

Amy Carter, CEO of The Christchurch Foundation, says the Christchurch Foundation will work with Muslim communities to identify how the funds will be distributed and when.

"We are shocked and deeply saddened by what happened in our city yesterday. Christchurch remains a place where all peace-loving people are welcome and warmly embraced by our community," says Mrs Carter.

11.32 – At the man, Brenton Tarrant, the deletion of the name was not granted. He was wearing a white boiler suit.

11.20 – A man charged with murder following yesterday's deadly shooting appeared in court.

The appearance of the court was brief and the hall was closed to the public. [19659004] He was remanded in custody until 5 April.

10.58 – David Meates, chief executive of Canterbury DHB and Greg Robertson, chief of surgery, will also talk to the media at 1:00 pm.

10.55 – Commissioner Bush will also travel to Christchurch, where he will speak with the media. Time must be confirmed.

10.51am – The statement in the part below:

"A complex investigation is underway in this terrible attack, and the police have a number of priorities today in terms of investigation and a collection of intelligence information.

However, another absolute concern for us is to ensure that the victims of this attack, including family members and loved ones of those who have been killed and injured, have the best Possible structures to provide support and assistance. [19659004] This attack was a huge shock for all New Zealanders, and I am aware that there is a real sense of fear and concern for personal safety, particularly among our Muslim communities. [19659004] I want to reassure all New Zealanders that we are doing absolutely everything in our power to respond to this attack and deploy all available resources in communities across New Zealand.

C & # 39; is a greater police presence throughout the country, including in mosques and community events. We need audience members to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious by immediately calling 111. "

10.49 – Police Commissioner Mike Bush gave an update a short time ago.

He says the 28-year-old in court today accused of murder will face further charges.

10.23 – Sky New Zealand has decided to remove Sky News Australia from its platform until they are sure of the distressing movie from Yesterday's events will not be shared. [19659042] 22.22 – In Dunedin, the police bomb squad arrived at the address of interest on Sommerville Street

10.06am – The police have just released a statement saying that Christchurch District Court will be closed to the public during the appearance of a 28-year-old man accused of murder.

This is due to the increased security risk that the media can still attending.

9.56am – The press conference of the Prime Minister is over. We will have a video shortly. He is now traveling to Christchurch.

9.52am – Mrs Ardern says that the defendant has traveled sporadically over the years. He has spent time in New Zealand periodically over the years.

9.46 – The Prime Minister said that President Trump asked what they could do, she told him to give compassion and love to all Muslim communities. He acknowledged and agreed

9.45 – The Prime Minister repeated that the man was not on the checklist.

9.42am – Following this press conference, the Prime Minister will travel to Christchurch with other political leaders.

9.40 – "We are all united in mourning together," said Ardern.

9.38 – The first indications say that the countries involved include Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia, says Ardern.

9.36 – The police have worked with mosques throughout the country to keep them safe. They are closed, the prosecutor said.

9.35am – Ms Ardern says the New Zealand gun laws will change. He also says that a line has been created for anyone in New Zealand to be distressed.

9.34am – He was one of the three arrested. The fourth person in custody was a member of the public with a firearm but with the intention of assisting the police

9.32am – Ms Ardern states that the "principal author" of the mosque shootings was an authorized and legally owned weapons

9.30 – The Australian citizen accused of murder lived in Dunedin, said Mrs. Ardern.

9.29 – Mrs Ardern confirmed that 49 were killed. Over 40 people are treated at the Christchurch hospital. Two are in critical condition, including a 5-year-old boy transported to Auckland.

9.28 – Jacinda Ardern now lives in Wellington.

9.22am – Family members of the victims gather outside the court where the man accused of murder should appear. Oma Nabi says his father, who was one of the first Muslims in New Zealand, was shot in the back.

9.09 – The prime minister had to speak at 9 am but was postponed. We will do it as soon as possible.

9.05 – Donald Trump is talking to the media in America about the attacks

"I told the Prime Minister that the United States is with them all By the way, 100%. Whatever they need, we will be there."

"New Zealand has been a great friend and partner for many years. Our relationship has never been better."

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Ross McGuiness said that the # 39 man who attacked the Deans Ave mosque reloaded his weapon in front of his house.
Source: Breakfast

8.50am – "It is an indescribable emotion precisely because of the massacre that occurred here and in particular in my hometown", he said.

8.48 – John Campbell spoke with Stuart, who worked in Saudi Arabia and has close ties to the Islamic community there and in New Zealand, as he placed flowers on Deans Avenue this morning.

8.44 – "It doesn't come from here, it came here with hatred inside it's heart and intention to kill in its mind," he said.

8.42am – "There are no words for the repulsion I feel for the propaganda I wanted to bring to this," said Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel. [19659003] 8.34 – The wall along Rolleston Ave near the Botanical Gardens (and hospital) is available for floral tributes.

8.32am – He says he wants to show support, love and compassion towards the Islamic Community city.

8.30am – Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel says her heart goes out and their families go out. He also paid tribute to the police and first responders for their courage.

8.27 – Mr Bridges says he will travel to Christchurch with Jacinda Ardern to show solidarity and unity.

8.25am – The leader of the opposition Simon Bridges told 1 NEWS that his "heart goes to the victims, their families, the Islamic community and the people of Christchurch".

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Former Prime Minister Helen Clark spoke at breakfast this morning.
Source: Breakfast

8.20 – Farhaan Farheez was yesterday at the Linwood mosque for Friday prayers and spoke with 1 NEWS.

"I saw people shot as if they were animals," he said. [19659004] "I've never experienced anything like this before my life, it's really devastating."

8.02am – People in Christchurch are placing flowers inside the police cordon on Deans Ave and some of them have spoken to 1 NEWS.

"We have to be brave, we have to go out, we can't curl up in our homes behind our gates, we have to go out, I woke up this morning and I felt ashamed, I felt like we had to apologize to these people," said one woman to John Campbell.

"We must ask forgiveness from the Muslim community."

7.59 – Mayor of Christchurch Lianne Dalziel and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is due to the facade press at 8.30am and 9.00am, respectively.

7.45 – Mrs Clarke also said she would expect authorities and social media platforms to incite hatred that those responsible for these attacks threw up online.

"I find it strange that he can post his messages warning the people of his poster that he was going to do it, something horrible, this one not to collect."

"Then it was live streaming for what, 17 minutes? Facebook doesn't close it, I mean what's going on here."

He also invited New Zealand to reinforce its weapon laws.

7.42am – Previously, former Prime Minister Helen Clarke said: "Right now in New Zealand everyone is sad and upset."

7.28 – Two of the 42 injured are critical and this includes a four-year-old boy who is transported to the Starship Hospital this morning.

7.25am – The statement continues:

The police want to inform the public about the Restoring Family Links (RFL) website (link is external) where people can register missing persons or register as live . People living in New Zealand may also register missing persons on 0800 115 019.

Information will continue to be provided as soon as available.

Our thoughts remain with all those affected.

7.23am – The police just gave another update:

"We are continuing to investigate after yesterday's tragic events in Christchurch.

As the Prime Minister said yesterday, this was designated a terrorist attack.

Forty-nine people died and 42 were treated for wounds, two of the injured were critical and this included a four-year-old boy being transported this morning to the Starship Hospital.

Forty-one people they were killed in the Deans Avenue mosque and seven in the Linwood Avenue mosque. One has since died in the hospital.

Our thoughts go to those who have been affected by this unprecedented event.

A 28-year-old man will appear in the district court of Christchurch today charged with murder and two others remain in custody. "

7.21 – Ross McGuiness said 1 NEWS looked at the man who attacked the mosque on Deans Ave while he ransacked his weapon in front of his house

7.05 – 1 NEWS journalist Jordan Oppert says that the police on the spot was not able to confirm whether the man who was accused of murder was responsible for the attack on Deans Ave and that of Linwood

6.50am – Last night, the police also released a statement saying they were on property in Dunedin, a place that it was interesting for the attacks in Christchurch yesterday. [19659003] 6.32am – Spark's CEO gave an update on the company's efforts to prevent sites from distributing the live stream of one of the attacks.

6.22am – A woman who lost a man she considers a grandfather in one of the terrorist attacks spoke with 1 NEWS last night. You can read more about this story here.

6.15am: Christchurch Airport released an update on social media saying they are looking at all the departing passengers today.

6am: Tributes from all over the world I have been flooding the Queen with her condolences to the victims. Even President Trump, Barack Obama and other world leaders have tweeted their condolences.

Facebook also released a statement saying: "Our hearts are addressing the victims, their families and the community affected by this horrendous act. We arrived at a video on Facebook shortly after the start of live streaming and we quickly removed both the Facebook and Instagram shooter accounts and the video. We are also eliminating any praise or support for crime and shooters or shooters as soon as we are

What we know: Police confirm that in the attack 49 people died, 41 people were killed in the Deans Ave mosque, with seven dead in the Linwood mosque.

Another person died in the hospital.

A man of 28 was charged with murder and should appear in the Christchurch District Court this morning.

Two others remain in custody.

Another person was arrested earlier today, however ello was not related to these events.

The number of those treated in the hospital has been updated to 48 people.

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