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Louisville settled Breonna Taylor’s manslaughter lawsuit

A separate source said the deal was a multi-million dollar deal.

Taylor’s family are suing the city after Louisville subway police officers broke down the door to his apartment and shot Taylor to death while executing a late night “no knock” warrant in a narcotics investigation on March 13.

The mayor of Louisville is expected to announce the deal later Tuesday at a joint press conference with Taylor family attorneys.

Attorney Sam Aguilar confirmed on CNN that there is a settlement in the case.

“The city’s response in this case was delayed and it was frustrating, but the fact that they were willing to sit down and talk about meaningful reforms was a step in the right direction and hopefully a game changer,”

; he said. .

Breonna Taylor had big plans before the police broke down her door in a deadly raid
A CNN review of the shooting found that police believed Taylor was home alone when in fact she was accompanied by her boyfriend, who was legally armed. That miscalculation, coupled with the decision to pursue a high-risk, forced raid under questionable circumstances contributed to the deadly outcome.
None of the three agents involved in the faulty raid were charged with a crime. One officer, Brett Hankinson, was fired in late June for firing “arbitrarily and blindly” 10 rounds in his apartment, wrote Louisville interim police chief Robert Schroeder.
Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, the first black to hold office and a Republican rising star, was appointed special attorney in the case earlier this year, and the FBI has also opened an investigation. Officers wore no body cameras, police said.

A grand jury has been tasked to investigate the shooting, although no announcement has been made about those proceedings.

Cameron is expected to announce an indictment decision soon, although he declined to provide a specific timeline.

“My office is continually being asked about a timeline relating to the investigation into Ms. Breonna Taylor’s death. An investigation, if conducted correctly, cannot follow a specific timeline.” Cameron tweeted last week.

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