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Lucid Air finally reveals how much that 517-mile range will cost you

The long-awaited Lucid Air electric sedan is finally here.

On Wednesday night, at a virtual event, the Air was unveiled as a premium and powerful electric vehicle to take on the Tesla Model S, although the company’s CEO told us earlier this year that he definitely doesn’t consider Lucid. a “Tesla killer”.

The sedan, which has been in the works for years, was supposed to make its debut at the New York International Auto Show in April, but COVID-19 delayed things. Production at the Lucid plant in Arizona is keeping pace with the arrival of the first sedans in spring 2021.

Lucid has its roots in electric car racing with battery maker Atieva, which is now its in-house battery supplier. The Air̵

7;s front trunk space was repeatedly highlighted by various executives during the online reveal as “the greatest frunk ever made” and “unprecedented in its volume”.

The California-based company has piqued some curiosities in recent months about the high-end versions of the car, including its performance (a quarter mile in under 10 seconds), its efficient and compact battery capacity (113 kWh). and 900-volt system and its drooling 517-mile range.

But one small detail was always missing: the price. The price for four different versions of the electric vehicle was finally revealed at the online event on Wednesday.

The highest-end Air Dream Edition, the first Lucid available, will be released next year for a whopping $ 169,000 before federal tax credits. This version includes a classy executive seat option that reclines 45 degrees and California-themed finishes and will have a range of up to 503 miles.

That record-breaking battery of up to 517 miles will be available in the Lucid Air Grand Touring model for $ 139,000 later in 2021.

The longer-range Tesla Model S costs $ 75,000. Tesla recently announced that it has upgraded its battery to reach 402 miles.

You have options.

You have options.

Coming in 2022, the Air base will start at $ 80,000, but its range has not yet been revealed. As CEO Peter Rawlinson said in his opening remarks, “[Lucid Air] is designed for mass production. “

The flashy Dream Edition, which Rawlinson called “remarkable”, includes many mind-blowing features. Think of an exclusive ‘Eureka Gold’ color option and 21-inch AeroDream wheels. It is also the fastest and most powerful version with 1080 horsepower that can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

However, it is the basic model for everyday drivers that is key to converting car owners to electric. “The world needs to shift to sustainable mobility as soon as possible,” Rawlinson continued.

Jessica Caldwell, executive director of insights at automotive analyst firm Edmunds, sees Lucid rely on its cheaper version. “The real opportunity for Lucid will be the base model of the Air … which will make the vehicle more accessible to a wider group of consumers. Until it becomes more readily available Tesla will likely continue to sit on his throne,” he wrote. in an email.



There is yet another option. By the end of 2021, the Air Touring model will be available for $ 95,000 with a range of 406 miles. This version is the most comparable to Tesla’s luxury sedan.

Inside the car, it’s a remarkably luxurious experience. Behind the wheel of each model is a 5K floating curved display, and another touchscreen sits in the center space. Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant will power the infotainment system and facial recognition will give you access to a customized profile. The open, spacious vibe isn’t just because the battery is under the car – look up and there’s a large sunroof.

This is an electric vehicle, so obviously charging is an important part of the experience. The high capacity battery will require ultra fast charging. All versions can add 300 miles of range in 20 minutes. Lucid will have its own home charging system and on the way is partnering with the Electrify America charging network.

Reservations are now open on the Lucid website starting Wednesday with a deposit of $ 1,000 or $ 7,500 if you like the Dream Edition.

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