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Mark Scheifele Fetches His Stick And Scores After Zdeno Chara Launches It Into The Mesosphere

The point of a lever is only to remove it from the ice, where it is in a privileged position to deflect a blow from the point. That's all that Zdeno Chara was trying to do here to Mark Scheifele for the Jets power game: the fact that he raised it on the net was just a happy accident. That Chara was not blown because the interference was happier for Boston … for about 40 seconds.

"Who knows how it was not called," said Scheifele. "But I think the hockey gods were on our side and that's what happens."

"That" being Scheifele who chases his stick after he crashed to the ground and scored an odd race when the game returned at the end of the Bruins

Scheifele added two assists in the 4-3 victory, while Blake Wheeler scored a goal and an assist and Patrik Laine added a couple of helpers. The Winnipeg headline remains one of the best in the league, and the result was particularly encouraging for Laine, who is stuck in a decisive recession but is still contributing.

"Yes, I'm not just a shooter, I guess. I'm also a pretty decent passer, as we saw in this game," said Laine, who was tempted to shoot before moving on to Scheifele on the second goal.

"I thought I was going to shoot too. Yes, if I don't know what I'm doing, I don't think the doorman will understand what I'm doing. I thought I was going to shoot first, I was very close. But then I saw Scheif back door, then he could even pass it at times, "he said.

Yet, Scheifele is the engine of this line and of this team. His 33rd goal for the team is also a new career record for the striker, who has benefited from a particularly uninterested season on the right. Blake Wheeler-Wheeler's 66 assists are two timid of his career. "It's never a boy, it's the passerby, a guy is the shooter," said Wheeler's Scheifele. "We all do the job, we all do what needs to be done." When you're the boy to score, you're the guy to score. When you're the type to pass, you're the guy to pass. "

The Jets, a year away from the disappointment of dropping a game at the end of the final conference, are one more point on the Predators with two games in hand.

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