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Mary Trump fights efforts to prevent the publication of her book

Mary L. Trump, whose pending memorial tale about her uncle President Trump sparked a judicial battle on the eve of the publication, spoke for the first time publicly about the battle, saying that her book has “profound national relevance” and that The legal contract that the family tried to use this month to stop his release was based on fraud.

Almost 20 years ago, Mrs. Trump, 55, signed a complicated settlement agreement with Mr. Trump and his two brothers who put an end to a harsh spit of a year on the will of the family patriarch, the father of the president, Fred Trump Sr. the provisions of the agreement were a confidentiality clause that protected the details of the pact and allowed to Mrs. Trump to keep her share of her legacy.

But in an affidavit filed in New York on Thursday night in the fight for the book, Ms. Trump said she agreed to the deal and canceled her interests in several family properties, just because Donald J. Trump and his brothers lied to her about how much they were worth.

“I relied on the false assessments provided by my uncle and aunt and I would never have entered into the deal if I had known the true value of the businesses involved,” he wrote. “I never believed that the settlement agreement for the resolution of discreet financial disputes could prevent me from telling the story of my life or from publishing a book.”

“Since the settlement agreement was based and fraud-induced,” concluded Boutrous, “it cannot be applied – and it cannot prevent the publication of Ms. Trump’s book.”

According to Simon & Schuster, Ms. Trump’s book will show the “dark history” of her family in an attempt to explain how President Trump “has become the man who now threatens the health, economic security and social fabric of the world.” In her Thursday evening presentation, Boutrous added that clinical psychologist Ms Trump “will speak to the president’s character and office suitability.”

Although the details of the book remain secret, the manuscript is likely to deepen the tensions of the sweet family that have divided the Trumps for years.

Mary Trump’s father, Fred Trump Jr., turned his back on his father’s real estate business, permanently moving away from him, to work for Trans World Airlines. He suffered from alcoholism and died in 1981 at the age of 42.

When Fred Trump Sr. died in 1999, he almost excluded Fred Trump Jr.’s children, Mary and his brother, Fred Trump III, from his will, leaving them with only a small cash bequest. Ms. Trump and her brother contested the will and sued Donald Trump and his brothers, claiming that they had poisoned Fred Trump Sr. against them and forced him to change the way he distributed his fortune.

In the bad judicial battle that followed, Donald Trump and his brother and sister at one point stopped the medical benefits for Fred Trump III’s newborn baby boy, who was born with serious health problems that required expensive and intense care.

The legal battle was resolved in 2001 with the settlement agreement in which Mary Trump and Fred Trump III sold their interests in various family businesses to their uncles and her brothers for an undisclosed sum. A confidentiality clause – the scope of which is currently under discussion – has been included in the document.

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